The Urdak Arena

A few hours after I posted my update of completing DOOM Eternal the other night while still in a dopamine-high state, I mentioned a dream where I was walking/levitating in the shoes of the Khan Maykr. Well, I only gave a summary, but sometimes later on what happens is I start to recall other parts… Continue reading The Urdak Arena

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Music and Bands

Mementos and Lifestyle Walking into Dominion and Fire – Music of March 2021

Ah I think March goes by too quickly and that can either be a good or bad thing. But it was still full of events for me which made it less boring! Anyway, here we are again with my music. Kamelot - Memento Mori https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgkksZBQ70w Listening to this album for the first time I remember… Continue reading Mementos and Lifestyle Walking into Dominion and Fire – Music of March 2021

Music and Bands

Final Days – The Sci-Fi Metal Escape

The moment Orden Ogan announced they were releasing a new album and it was going to be all sci-fi, I was super excited and ended up waiting a whole year for it to be released due to delays. It finally arrived in my hands yesterday and right on time! AFM is more punctual than I… Continue reading Final Days – The Sci-Fi Metal Escape

Music and Bands

Positions go Down in Battle and Question the Stardust – Music of February 2021

I never liked how February is such a short month, it always feels like there's so much I want to do and don't get done, like at the start of the month, I put up a story post about the planned articles I had for this month and only two of them are still in… Continue reading Positions go Down in Battle and Question the Stardust – Music of February 2021

Music and Bands

When Bands Split

Nobody likes to hear when their favorite band disbands, it can be devastating given the influence they have on fans, and lately I saw that this month appears to be the splitting of two bands I know. These bands in terms of how much I love them, on a scale of 1 to 10, are… Continue reading When Bands Split


Volaan Hunters and the Barons of Hell

Oh is it Valentine's Day? Forget that! I'm gonna write about this cool dream instead! First, the term "Volaan" means "intruder" in the dragon language from Skyrim, and in this dream I was involved in running an arena where a hunting game would take place, using volunteers sent into the arena against demons, which turned… Continue reading Volaan Hunters and the Barons of Hell

TV Series

The Worst Cartoon Mean Girls

I used to watch a lot of animated series back then and the one thing that ticked me off about them was any sort of female antagonist that would do everything to wreck the life of the protagonist. Despite my hatred for these characters, I can still appreciate today how evil they truly were, so… Continue reading The Worst Cartoon Mean Girls