Introduction: My life, my choices

Hello everyone.

Yeah this is my first blog, I haven’t written one in ages; not since I used to have one on my Hotmail account but that got upgraded to another website, so I lost all the stuff I published. Here I am now; my name’s Emily and I am just a regular Canadian young woman with priorities.
These priorities are ones that I wish I could reach; most of them are out of my reach because it either does not happen where I live, or it does but is out of reach in terms of price. But these priorities are not impossible. In case you’ve got lots of curiosity; I was at one point a dear sweet softie with a lot of girlie interests and now I’ve gone dark. I’m listening to a lot of metal and heavy music like here’s an example:

That my dear readers, is Lordi. My favourite band from Finland, they’re awesome aren’t they? I’ll write more about them later. They’re not the only band I like however; there will be plenty of other bands I love that I will write about on here too. Anyway, I’m also a big addict of video games, sci-fi, and horror movies but I haven’t watched enough. There’s of course some other stuff including a little bit of fantasy here and there you know, the more intense action stuff so, yeah. There’s also a lot more to me than just this stuff, so if you decide to become a regular reader of my blog then you will find what else I’m in to.

Lately I’ve gone through some hell but whenever I write, I am one hundred percent honest. Some people may not be. Ha! Well you know that’s just their choice and I have mine. I vent my feelings because it’s one way I get over something that’s bothering me; most of the time people may not always understand me. Those who do understand my struggles; thanks a million, I am proud to call you my friends because you help me and in return I help you. Those people who don’t understand, well it’s your loss.

I also consider myself different not only because of my preferred (and sometimes limited) interests, the way I dress, etc. but also because, I have really strong opinions on some things that most people do not agree with. I call them strong because a lot of you are going to disagree with me and it may be offensive; I do not mean to cause anyone harm though. I strongly advise you to ignore my blog if my words offend you; if you start sending me complaints or calling me names through social media because of what I write, then you are wasting your time. This is my blog and I will write whatever I want. Some people do support it, while some may help me understand what’s really going on, which I will still listen to. Of course, some people will disagree completely so, yeah well I’m different but that’s just who I am. Anyway, that’s enough lecture, I hope you enjoy reading my posts about my passions and my vivid imagination that continues to expand.


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