All that hip-hop shit

Five years of my life I had to endure the most annoying thing in the world. Those five years was high school and I was hoping that it would be worth it but now I’m out of it and I think not. Whatta hell is with a place like that? I thought people would be different but turns out that they were not.
Everyone was dressing the same way, talking the same way, listening to the same music, and even sometimes a lot of them would often make fun of those who were different. At the first four years I tried to blend it but it did me know good so by the time my senior year rolled around I decided that hey maybe I should be something completely different this time; I should be myself, not what everyone expects me to be. And that was when I became a Metalhead.

The most frustrating thing in high school ties into the title and that was the music preferences of people around my age. I never understood why rap and hip-hop was such a big thing. Everywhere I went if people had their iPods on the first thing I can hear if their music is too loud is the sound of that familiar dance beat and guys who are not singing. Instead they are fast talking which that my friends is known as rap. Also when it came to fashion this is what I saw: The S word painted all over them. (The S word is swag and I hate that word so much I can’t even say it) For boys it can sometimes be defined as wearing your pants low, hoodies, and hats and sometimes the personality is jerky acting all cool and all that shit. Sometimes girls will do that too but most likely they are mostly girlie chicks who always paint their faces with makeup, and wear girlie junk. Sometimes they listen to rap or pop and pop has singing but the lyrics are so fucking repetitive, I highly doubt the artist(s) even wrote those songs themselves and they also listen to “bands” that sing about nothing but love. But they’re not bands; they don’t even write their own music or play instruments so they’re technically not allowed to be called bands.

On top of all of that I was the only one in high school who chose to be different. Sure yeah I understand and respect that everyone makes their own choices in life but instead of doing what everyone else is doing why can’t you just be yourself even if being yourself means not trying to be cool and not doing what everyone else is doing? I think it’s the media that makes all that hip-hop shit, the unmentionable type of fashion and perfection something that makes us want to all be the same rather than different. So yeah I spent my senior year as a Metalhead all dressed in black and if my music was loud you could hear the sound of the guitar riffs and vocals by some like Mr. Lordi or Corey Taylor. I was bullied a lot for every new different interest I had and I was one helluva happy girl once I finally got out of high school for good. I didn’t even go to my senior prom, because maybe it went the way a senior prom stereotypically does. Ha!

You should see me and my family when we have these conversations. I’d rather not tell you here because it’s personal. But seriously I’m just wishing we would all be different and it would be nice if some more interesting things were not so annoying like do you know how annoying it is to hear a rapper go “yo…blah blah blah….I had mothafuckin’ sex in my blah blah blah” all the time or “baby baby baby” as a song’s chorus when in reality in rock music the lyrics are not as repetitive because if you let the artist/band write it themselves it turns out better, and recording with instruments is original because it’s not from something computer generated and auto tuned a lot. Well in some situations there is some auto tuning in a rock band’s vocalist but it’s not as much of it as it is for pop artists. It’s also frustrating when people talk to me in this tone “Yo what up dawg?” Makes me want to puke when people say that to me. I am not your “dawg” so please use that on someone who actually talks like that back to you please and thank you. Oh and of course if we all just dressed the same then this planet would be a pretty boring planet so yeah can we just quit all acting like each other and be different unique and be ourselves? I think the Earth would be so much better if it was that way.

Yeah it will.


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