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Bakugan the old Brawlers are better

It’s sad that the only season of Bakugan that was actually worth watching was season 1 because the other three seasons had completely different sets of characters. I became so attached to the characters in the first season; the humans and their Bakugan and the main villain Naga which I admit….I fantasize about him sometimes but in that fantasy we are enemies. They didn’t get rid of Dan and Drago (obviously) or Shun and Marucho but their previous Bakugan rarely played a part.

Also, I’m pretty pissed that Runo, Julie, and Alice rarely appear now and pretty much don’t battle anymore. Runo is pretty awesome with Tigrerra, and Julie and Gorem do great together. Gorem is badass, I’d take him for myself. Alice I really liked and as soon as Masquerade left her and Alpha Hydranoid became hers I was hoping to FINALLY see her in action but I rarely got to because she doesn’t really like to fight. I admit I love dragons and big beasts like Gorem battling here and there but there’s almost no girl power in the anime anymore which is really sad.

To tell you the truth I never really watched the new seasons 2 – 4. Instead, I skimmed each episode summary. Yeah, that’s kind of cheating I’ll admit but I wasn’t satisfied with the way things were now with there being different characters and a different villain who I could think wasn’t evil enough for me.

Now Naga was a great villain without a doubt because evil dragons take the cake of villains in an anime! Plus his Silent Core form (shown above) is totally epic! So epic in fact that I shook every time I saw him appear but that was back when I was fifteen but he still gets me shaking sometimes. Why did Naga’s death have and happen just like that? Know what I mean? If you look at how the evil queen dies in Wedding Peach that wasn’t so instant, instead it took time for her defeat and it wasn’t like disintegration and then KABOOM just like that. I was hoping for something a little more in-depth, and not so quick. His defeat, how he was defeated, and the fact that all the Bakugan go back to Vestroia and do not return is why I ended up not liking the ending of the first season.

The new girl Mira I’m not so fond of but I loved Runo, Julie, and Alice. Though they sort of returned in the next seasons they barely battled and that was a huge disappointment for me.

Bring these characters back into the action! I liked the show when there was an equal amount of boys and girls battling!
Alice isn’t really the battle type but I really wish she was because as I said; after she lost her alter ego Masquerade she’s now got one badass Alpha Hydranoid by her side to battle with! Now I’m wishing that I had Alpha Hydranoid because I would battle with him!

Yeah Alpha Hydranoid rocks and so does Gorem, but I won’t squeeze in a picture of Gorem because I think this entry has enough pictures for now. Anyway, that now brings me to the part what were the creators of this story thinking? Isn’t it disappointing when you grow so attached to the old characters in a TV show and you want them to be in the action more but then they are either taken out of the show or they are still in the show but barely do anything exciting anymore?

Naga I can understand because he was eventually destroyed but sometimes I secretly wish he’d come back or there would be a villain like him that comes instead to avenge him or something. Alice, I wish she would learn to battle more, I especially don’t like how her Hydranoid rarely participated in the battle against Rabeeder because he couldn’t move and then when he finally defeats Rabeeder, Alice leaves him behind because she thought she saw her grandfather. Okay Alice I think one rule of being one of the Brawlers is to never leave your Bakugan behind because you never know when you might need them again especially during an alien invasion!

I thought Dan came up with that did he? If you didn’t do that you could have used Hydranoid to fend off Naga that Hal-G sends in the trap at the tower until Dan arrives with Drago but you didn’t do that and you didn’t send him out till last resort when it was time for everyone to assist Drago in taking on Naga. Then you have to send him back to Vestroia but then he returns to you but you don’t battle with him until you’re forced to. Suck it up girl! You’re one of the Brawlers aren’t you?

Runo, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with her. I wasn’t expecting her to get together with Dan. But after she did at the end of the first season now she rarely battles even though she eventually got Tigrerra back. She must have turned soft now that she’s with Dan. Love is a great thing in this world but you don’t have to give up something you enjoy because of it. I say this because I know Runo loved battling.

Julie I hear she appears briefly in the next two seasons and has Gorem but doesn’t battle. I also really enjoyed watching her fight in the first season and now ever since she got Gorem back she rarely fights now because I like Gorem as much as I like Hydranoid so yeah disappointment there too.

So yeah the only season I would actually watch of the Bakugan series is season one because it was worth it. The characters were way better so I’m wishing it was almost the same in the next four seasons because then that’ll make me watch the whole series rather than just one portion of it.


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