My thoughts on the Lordi albums

I thought about doing some of my thoughts/reviews on the Lordi albums I own. I own all of them except The Monsterican Dream (sad reality yes but maybe I’ll get it for my birthday this year which ought to be good but you’re probably expecting me to write something about it so I will anyway. Okay here’s what I think.

Get Heavy

The first full album that I listened to: I have to say I think it was the first two songs that triggered me getting deeper in my love for Lordi. Biomechanic Man didn’t really attract me so I think it was a little too mixed up like it was thrown together a bit but I can’t blame it for being bad. I think my favourite song would have to be Devil is a Loser we’ve got a Gene Simmons reference in there and that’s obviously gonna come up at some point and it’s something cool to sing along to that song. Great album, worth listening to again.

The Monsterican Dream

Still need to buy this album (unfortunately 😦 ) I reckon it’s good yeah, hoping for some melodic hard rock of course with some horror elements too like Blood Red Sandman is the only one I like so far because it’s the only one I’ve heard! I’m hoping to get my hands on this album real soon because I think it’ll be pretty good.
The Arockalypse

My favourite album and I have the special edition so that’s why I’ve got a pic up here of the special edition cover. What I love about this album is not only were the first few songs I listened to by Lordi entirely were on this album but also because the songs on this album are very intense melodic hard rock that I love and this is pretty much the hard rock music I am looking for. Makes me almost feel bad for not discovering Lordi during the time this album’s era was happening! It’s almost hard to choose a favourite song on this album because I pretty much love all the songs from Hard Rock Hallelujah to Evilove and The Deadlite Girls Gone Wild. The only songs on this album that didn’t attract me completely were Who’s Your Daddy, Good to be Bad and The Kids Who Wanna Play with the Dead. But the rest of the album is awesome!


A little bit more aggressive I’d say, is a step in the right direction if you’re a record label that wants a band dressed up as monsters to play more aggressive music. Slightly aggressive but not extremely aggressive. I like the songs “Girls Go Chopping” “Monsters Keep Me Company” and “Evilyn” the rest are more like, decent but I’m not in love with them. I’d say this album is good to listen to if you want to start with the more aggressive side of Lordi rather than melodic. Still some melodic parts in this album but not much as in The Arockalypse. Great album still.

Babez for Breakfast

That’s one colourful cover there! I thought that this album was pretty good actually, and the funny thing is that when I first listened to it I thought it wasn’t as appealing as the previous albums were but now I think this album was pretty good. A lot of the songs seem to have a bit of dancing in there as if hard rock music especially from this album sounds like party songs like “Discoevil” and “This is Heavy Metal” There’s a great combination in this album of how the songs are and I love it. It’s a shame however that this was the era of changes for Lordi and all but at least the ones who stayed fought their way through it.

To Beast or Not To Beast

Dedicated to Otus, I like that. This album is the most aggressive one I’ve seen so far and it almost reminds me of the other bands I listen to that are just as aggressive. One part I really like is how the start of the album relates to the end of the previous album: One the last song on BFB the song ends with someone saying “So the question is, what’s for dinner?” and then at the start of this album the first song begins with someone saying “Dinner is served.”. I’m hoping that this is a step in the right direction for Lordi in their career and their demand level from fans in other continents. This is probably the least melodic album compared to the others because it’s more aggressive rock this time. I’d say that this is quite the good thing though when you change your style of playing and hope that others will like it. As far as I’m concerned is that I like it and if it stays this way then hopefully that means something good for not just the fans in Europe but also for fans in my area too if you know what I mean. I’m hoping that this album brings Lordi to places outside of Europe again.



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