Transformers: More Robots in Action

As a Transformers fan for about five years now I have to say that the way the movies have been set up now are somewhat unsatisfying. There are only a few bits and pieces that actually are good the way they are but the rest of it could use some changes. A LOT of changes.
Now I did not grow up with the cartoons like most of you fans who view this may have but I’ll tell you this: There are not enough robots in action in the series in general. We can watch two whole hours (or in some cases three) of one of the three movies and soon to be four and there is not enough scenes of the robots in action.

Mr. Bay here seems to not think of them well enough. Autobots and Decepticons have personalities, feelings, and all that shit too you know. It would be nice if they played a part too but Bay just looooves to make their scenes so fucking short that we don’t have time to enjoy them enough. For instance you take a look at Starscream with Megatron and The Fallen and you wonder why that scene passed so quickly. Or you want to see Optimus Prime do some damage but then he suddenly is pulled out of the fight for more than half of the final battle. Yeah that’s the way movies are made sometimes but it makes it a little unfair for those who want to see certain characters do their thing. For me it’s Optimus. For others it may be someone else. But with the director’s lack of desire to make the movie about the TFs we don’t get to see anything exciting enough. If you follow TF news on the social media waiting for news on the next film you’re more likely to hear shit about the new human cast. I’ve seen it a billion times already. Where’s the next robot news?

That’s not it, it’s also certain actors/characters that have been specifically designed in my point of view to distract us from the Transformers themselves. Take a look at Megan Fox and her perfect but fake appearance. You can tell she’s had boob inflation and a shitload of face work. The result is BAM! The audience looks at her instead of the robots fighting especially when Bay just LOVES to make the camera zoom in on her ass, belly, and make her wear really short shorts while sitting on a motorcycle. Another result is the fans care less for the Transformers. For example some bitch said that the only thing the movie is about is her “amazing” boobs and another said he would rip a Transformer’s head off for seeing that……..I will never understand men sometimes. If you only watch Transformers because of her then you’re not a TF fan. I wish the websites would quit putting so many wallpapers of her and more of Optimus, Bumblebee, and the others. That is unfortunately what I discovered when I visited the ROTF website. Then enter Rosie Huntington Whitely she was just as bad. Not as perfect as Ms. Fox but yes still bad. Same amount of wallpapers on the website, distractive appearance, and not to mention the way she acts around Sam.

To conclude you know what would make these movies a lot better? Is if it was made the way it was supposed to be.

Transformers is about this:

And this:

It is not about this:
And this:

Now do you get it? I hope all of you get what Transformers is really about. What do I think it’s about? I think Transformers is and SHOULD be about alliance between aliens and humans and working together to defeat evil. But since right now we’ve got too many human scenes it doesn’t look like it’s about that either. So I’d say it should be about Transformers defending the Earth from the Decepticons.
Aside from that I still look forward to the next movie and hopefully it’s a good one and I want to see Optimus Prime with TWO arms. Was it your idea to make him lose an arm during his fight with Sentinel Mr. Bay? If that was your idea then I officially loathe you for making me cry in the theater when that happened! Yes I know that sounds really stupid to do but that’s how I feel. Also I would like Ironhide back because him being my second favourite he’s like the brother I never had. So yeah there’s a helluva lot of stuff that needs to be fixed in order to make the trilogy better.

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