Lordi The Riff: A Big Blowout

So when I saw the music video for Lordi’s single “The Riff” I have to say what is going on here? This is totally not like the previous music videos. I became quite attached to the previous ones where the band was actually involved in the scary event occurring whether it’s a zombie apocalypse, or a monster marathon. Now they just are seen elsewhere just playing their song like any other band which is good yeah but most of us miss the time when Lordi was a little more involved.

Of course like any other Lordi music video the band loves girls so they insert the lovely playmate Dominika. She is quite pretty I must admit but did she not know that you shouldn’t go grocery shopping for toilet paper during a zombie invasion? Probably not. Anyways no wonder people are smitten on her looks because she’s walking the grocery store in heels, a corset top and a thong. I’ve seen corset tops but you don’t wear them with just a thong. Well the original idea was to have this chick naked but the label said no so there would probably be more blood when the cashier kills her at the end of the video. As Mr. Lordi said in an interview: “You can actually rip someone’s guts out and eat their brain, but you cannot show a nipple.” On top of that yes, she’s beautiful but what I like about the previous Lordi music videos is that the ladies in them were fully dressed and did not behave so slutty. They had a little more respect.

Speaking of guts well it’s nice to see a little more gore in a Lordi music vid but you know it’s still a shame we don’t get to see anything too brutal. Was Dominika even taking a dump in the toilet or had she no other place to read the newspaper? Her ass was clean while walking through the store so maybe no dump there.

Could have been a better music video. One that I could watch more than once like Hard Rock Hallelujah but there ain’t no good ones all the time right? Always gonna be at least one music vid that isn’t as appealing as the last.


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