One Chaotic Battle

So ever since my sophomore year of high school I got into the trading card game called Chaotic. Not so popular today unfortunately because its TV show had only three seasons. I started collecting the cards a few months after watching the show. At first I didn’t like the show because just like Bakugan I thought that there wasn’t enough girl power in it. I was right. If you watch the show and watch the players transform into the creatures most of them are male.

There’s one main female but you don’t really get to see her do anything like battle and she’s supposed to be one of the brave and open-minded ones. Sure there’s the journey into Perim to look for a scan or two and that’s it. Sometimes I wish that these shows had an equal amount of male and female characters battling and doing other exciting things. Surprisingly you can look around and see lots of other people in the background and there were be many girls there but most of them don’t even talk or battle. Sad really.

On to the positive stuff I have on this franchise. Some of the characters are actually total bad-asses. Like Chaor the Supreme ruler of the UnderWorld

What do I like about this guy? Well he’s strong, aggressive, fiery, vicious, and that sort of thing you’d expect out of someone who rules a place as dark as the UnderWorld. Even his voice deep as the UnderWorld itself shakes me up inside. I had a dream about him one night and well that I was not expecting, not sure how that ties to how he becomes my favourite creature but yeah I think everyone’s gotta have one that kicks ass right?

So I have my own collection of Chaotic cards. I don’t know how to play with them because no one’s challenged me yet and I can’t access the website anymore to make an account. Huge bummer but the cards mean something to me. Do I have Chaor in my collection? Yes, yes I do. After almost a whole year of collecting the cards it was Christmas 2009 I found a Chaor card in my stocking. I wasn’t expecting it to show up as an individual.

 So that being said, I have watched all of season 1 and 2. I started watching season 3 but learned that they never finished that season which sucks like hell because I really wanted to find out the connection between Maxxor and Chaor because I heard they were brothers or something. But Chaor’s descendent is Kiru so that spells something interesting.
During my time holding a larger role in this fandom one of my friends and I were competing for better tribes. She was on the opposite side of me: An OverWorlder. She cheered on Maxxor and I cheered on Chaor. Sadly she never got Maxxor in her collection and I still wonder if she still wants him. I remember I got Intress in my collection and I had to give it to her because Intress has a close relationship with Maxxor and my friend here wanted not only Maxxor himself but also any creature, location, battle gear, and Mugic that relates to him. She even wanted my Bodal card cause he’s close to Maxxor even though Bodal’s a weakling. But I gave her a location of Kiru City and that made her happy, I really wanted to keep Intress because she was my favourite OverWorld creature but she wanted it more than I did because I’m an UnderWorlder.
Sometimes I wish I could make the TV show better. If I did I would put in some more girls and let them fight in the Dromes too. Sarah the Danian player (main female) we never find out what her screen name is unless you Google it. Sources say after she got a scan of that Danian that guards Queen Illexia she went back to scan Illexia herself. But where the hell is the proof? I’ll tell you what: If I was a character in this show I would be getting scans and having Drome matches all the time! I would be an UnderWorld player and just like Kaz, I would become Chaor and battle as him. My screen name would be “ChaorCutie” now isn’t that something? I could have saved the show, if only I could. I would have been like “Let’s get chaotic!” in order to make it better. Still I watch it these days but the only thing I wish would change is I wish the Drome match episodes and scenes weren’t so overpopulated with boys. This show needs a little more girl power.

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