Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, today is my birthday! I am officially 20 years old. I feel old! Nah just kidding, I still have so much in life ahead of me. I logged onto Facebook this morning and some people who left me birthday wishes made cute Lordi photos for me. Those are such sweet birthday presents!

I don’t have anything big planned for my birthday right now because well no one’s home. I don’t start school again until tomorrow. My brother’s in school right now and my parents are working and my mom works late on Tuesday nights. Oh well, might as well make the most of it by doing the things I love: Writing, tweeting, tumblring, video games, and I’ll blast Lordi, KISS, Nightwish and all the other bands I love on the stereo! (I’ll probably write about KISS in a later entry)

Here are some of the lovely Lordi bday pix I got from some fellow Lordi fans.

Lordi saying happy birthday to me: I love The Arockalypse era! I wish I became a fan during that era! This one was made by my friend Mathias one of the French fans.

And here’s another one:

Awww Mr. Lordi is holding a birthday cake and a rose for me! I wish I could get birthday wishes from him! This one was made by Angel Luis one of the fans from Spain. He was one of the first Lordi fans I befriended.

And here’s one made by my friend Meghan from high school, she likes making Lordi stuff for me on occasions like this. Life is goood! My heart melts at pictures like this!

I tweeted to Amen asking for some birthday wishes and he gave me some. Also Lordi’s former bassist Magnum said I should celebrate by having some champagne, rock music, and my friends over. I had champagne once on my brother’s birthday (not this year, it was a previous year) and I didn’t like the taste of it. The only alcohol I drink is not very strong and not so bitter. Rock music, hell yeah I’m gonna play that stuff! I should see my friends. I was supposed to be going to see the band HIM live in Toronto at the Danforth Music Hall this Thursday with a friend but the gig was cancelled because Ville Valo their vocalist got ill. Bummer, but shit happens and life goes on. Maybe some other concert will come up but actually it would be better if it was Lordi because I wanna meet Lordi more hahahaha!!

I would love to PM Mr. Lordi to get some birthday wishes from him because I’ve always wanted birthday wishes from him. But sadly he hasn’t been on the forum since February 19th so the chances of getting birthday wishes from him are low. But it could be worth a try but I don’t know. I don’t wanna disturb the big man while he’s on tour.

Anyhoo what do I want for my birthday this year? Well loads of things! I really want a Mr. Lordi action figure but that doesn’t come out till October. I want The Monsterican Dream cause it’s the only album I don’t have. Ebay doesn’t have many results for that album so I may have no choice but to use iTunes. Most fans probably won’t be happy to hear that since it’s more valuable to have the physical album. But sometimes there’s no other option. Actually…….I just want Lordi backstage passes!!! Hahahaha!!! Well the fans who have met the band call them After-show passes and that might be my only way to meet the band because I want to meet them while they’re still in costume. Some fans have met them unmasked. There’s a shock.

Alright it’s time to rock this birthday; I just need to turn on the stereo and let my heavy metal music play!


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