Endings Are Not Everything

As a fan of Mass Effect I have to say that well the fandom is really fucked up since 2012 and maybe I don’t have enough experience to fully state this because even though I’ve played through the trilogy at least three times to get an idea about how things are I just wish people would stop complaining the way things are and move on because nothing is going to change.
I love Mass Effect but I hate most of the fandom so much because lately there are too many fans that hate the endings and don’t stop complaining about it. The only people I know besides myself who don’t mind the endings would have to be my brother and one of my friends in the Lordi fandom.

Ever since people were somewhat unsatisfied with the way the third game’s endings were they just continue to complain nonstop and never get over it. They do so by posting memes, comments, maybe even reviews. There’s just no end to it. Some fans who are really pissed will even write to BioWare about how angry they are. Imagine how BioWare feels getting all this mail from the angry fans. Just think about that.

Here is an example of some of the stupid memes that people put all over the Internet complaining about how much they hate the endings. Can you imagine being friends with someone who is like this and every time you log onto Facebook you see these pictures all over your newsfeed? No I don’t think I can’t imagine it but I have experienced it and it’s not fun to look at.
I personally cannot stand most Internet memes because they’re annoying and made by people who do not have proper grammar. If you want a troll then go look at the trolls that you kill with fire in Skyrim and the trolls in Lord of the Rings. Those are trolls. The ones you see on Internet memes are not.
Back to the point here. I didn’t have a problem with the ME3 endings. I thought they were quite creative because have you ever noticed that most video games you complete tend to end with some tough final boss battle? Yeah I’ve played enough video games to notice that by now. Most people were expecting perhaps a battle with Harbinger but that’s highly unlikely because well, an original Sovereign class Reaper is about 5km long (correct me if I’m wrong) and Harbinger is twice that size! Also if you think about it, it’s nice to see a video game end differently than the traditional final boss ending.
Now if you notice if you have a debate with the fans who hate the endings you are most likely to argue with them. I like the Destroy ending the most because my Femshep should survive the chaos in the end and I do not trust the Reapers. Not even a little bit. Once they are gone there is peace in the galaxy and things are rebuilt including the Citadel and Mass Relays. But one thing that the haters hate is the fact that all the other Synthetic life is killed as well like EDI and the Geth. I never was that close to EDI. I liked her a little bit and the Geth I wasn’t crazy about except for Legion who sacrifices himself on Rannoch. Haters often think those sacrifices are pointless that’s why they will go for another option or refuse. But there are lots of sacrifices made in the entire trilogy so why complain when it’s the same as the other possible large group of people who die?
Control I don’t see the point of. Controlling the Reapers makes me feel like my Femshep has ultimate power and I don’t want that because what else do I gain from that? My Femshep will have the power to control the Reapers but what else does she gain? Nothing, she loses everything else, all her friends, her love interest, EVERYTHING. I don’t want that. Synthesis I tried once during my second play through of the trilogy just to see what happened. Surprisingly I found the results better than Control. But I only chose that ending because my Femshep was in a relationship with Thane and when he died I wanted her to join him. Even though I got her back together with Kaiden after Thane’s death she still loved Thane more so I made her do the Synthesis ending. I guess Synthesis wasn’t so bad but I still like Destroy better. Also my Femshep’s love life, well Thane was affectionate and Kaiden was okay but in reality my Femshep belongs with Garrus.
So what the hell’s with these people complaining about the ending? There’s just no break on it. They don’t get it, they don’t care, and they don’t understand. If fans continue to write nasty letters to BioWare, post annoying memes, and all that other shit then chances are that maybe this franchise will collapse and there will be nothing new from it ever.

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