Star Trek Into Darkness: An Intense Masterpiece in Outer Space

So today was a fine day to see a movie with a friend so I did and we saw Star Trek Into Darkness this afternoon. Now I shall tell you what I think about the movie.

Over all I think it was great. Intense action is what I look for; you know explosions, lasers, spaceships and all that cool shit.
I have to say the opening to the movie before you show the title of the movie that scene had me on the edge of my seat. Jim Kirk and his crew of the USS Enterprise were supposed to observe the life on that planet but they soon learn that the planet is in danger of being destroyed by an imminent volcanic eruption. I especially like how Spock sets off a bomb in the mouth of the volcano that makes all the lava cool into rock but despite the planet being saved from destruction Jim loses his ship because they exposed it to the alien life on that planet. Shit happens I guess. I wasn’t expecting that.

After the death of the Enterprise’s previous captain I was getting super psyched when I heard that once Jim was reinstated thus getting his ship back they have to go into Klingon space to Kronos the Klingon home world to track down the culprit of the attacks. Now that was interesting because I know there’s always been conflict with the Klingon recently and I, for some reason have a thing for Klingons and Vulcans don’t know why I think they’re just cool. Then enter Khan the villain who was with the crew briefly until he betrays them and then a black version of the Enterprise. I honestly was expecting an epic dogfight between the two ships but I guess I was wrong. But as for Kirk’s short period death, the way he died saving the ship and all I am suddenly reminded of the time I watched one of the classic Star Trek movies: The Wrath of Khan, where Spock dies the same way. Plus the villain in this movie has the same name.

Now as for some of the characters I’ll add in to this review I like Kirk and Spock the most. Kirk seems to have matured quite a lot since the last movie. In the 2009 movie he was quite chilled out and seems to think of himself as a ladies’ man in some situations. That seems to have subsided but it still exists in him at some point in the movie. Chris Pine does it well. Spock, oh God I love him! He’s cute and even though he doesn’t seem as emotional I felt like all of a sudden wishing I could hug him after he shed a few tears when Kirk died for that short while. Zachary Quinto is really good at playing as Spock and bringing out that serious personality he has. Which now brings me to this I was shocked as hell when the legendary Leonard Nimoy appeared as the older Spock on the screen of the Enterprise for a short while. I mean c’mon every Trekkie likes him right?

I wasn’t so crazy about Uhura though. Zoe Saldana is a good actor and did a pretty good job but I like her as Neytiri in Avatar better. The only thing I don’t like about her character in this movie is pretty much that she’s dating Spock and its always a real pain when you think a movie character is cute but he’s in a relationship with another character in the movie and you wish that it was you instead. Trust me I think we’ve all had that feeling at some point haven’t we?

Over all, great movie. I got to see it in one of the bigger theaters in 3D with surround sound which makes it even more worth it. Science Fiction I have lived for since I was six years old and that part of me still exists today.


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