Dark Floors: The Fear is Here

Yesterday on Saturday night seeing that I had the house to myself I thought of doing something scary and what could be even better than watching my favourite horror movie Dark Floors?

Now knowing this is a horror flick the best time to watch it is when it’s dark out. I end up watching it at times like after 10pm and I make the room dark to enjoy the movie more.
A lotta people may have seen this movie (those who live outside of Finland in some cases) see this movie as one that doesn’t make sense but I think it makes perfect sense to me.

I got this movie back in December but I think now is a good time that I review it for you. For a Lordi motion picture which is the main reason why I love this movie and the suspense it brings I was quite surprised to eventually learn that even though this idea was Mr. Lordi’s along with his friend Pete Riski: Mr. Lordi himself had very little to do with how he wanted this movie to be done and knowing Mr. Lordi he likes to take charge at these sort of things and most of the time he can’t. The music in this movie I found melodic and at the same time rather freaky. Ville Riippa knows how to create score music that can get on my mind for a while and I’m thinking of all the movie’s events while at it.

During the scenes of Dark Floors, things are often silent and slow moving with in some situations a lack of depth. If you look at how it all starts as soon as the people get off the elevator onto the next floor everything is empty and silent; there you know something is going to happen. You’re always wondering what is going to happen first. Every distant sound from far away in another corridor like someone in a wheelchair with their eyes clawed out or loud banging coming from another room, or unusual images that you don’t normally see like sand pouring out of a vent or a black demonic force eating away at everything. Any of those signs can give you a sense that something is coming whether it comes right away or later in the movie. That’s what I like that suspense right there. Most people would probably argue that  the scary events that happen after the incoming noises or images should lead to something a little more disturbing.

The plot may confuse you mostly at the very end of it when it goes from Sarah standing in the light facing Mr. Lordi back to when she was inside the MRI scanner and is pulled out only this time she has a blue crayon and Tobias is no longer cold. That is the only part that is hard to understand the rest of the plot before the random switch back to what looks like the beginning when in reality it’s the final scene. During the time the group is stranded in the hospital if you pay close attention to Sarah’s drawings they have been triggering the events from elevator breaking down to Amen’s sandstorm attack. Thus the group is in danger of the monsters as long as Sarah is there so no wonder they would have to give her up even though they did not. Sarah seems to have a connection to the Lordi monsters but one thing that is hard to understand is how after all the people die in front of her she refuses to leave with Mr. Lordi and tells him she is light and cannot go with darkness which is him. Many do not know why that is.

The characters all seem to have their own different personalities and it is good to have a variety. Sarah being autistic on a more serious side of the spectrum also is quite mysterious because in some parts she speaks clearly without repeating herself like she normally does so you can tell that she is the suspicious type to keep an eye on. Ben has the typical role of a father-like character so there’s nothing to be confused about with him. Jon the businessman is like the one who refuses to take the situation seriously and thinks the problem that the group is in can be simply fixed just like that. He thinks that they should just surrender Sarah to the monsters and wants to escape right away. Sometimes I think that he got what he deserved by getting bit by Kita and having his heart torn out by Amen. Tobias is another mysterious character who obviously is aware of Lordi’s presence knowing they are coming like the time he covers his ears first when all the radios, TVs and phones are repeating the same thing before Awa attacks and he speaks in a way as if he knows something, or as if he is delusional. His lines get me suspicious like “Not six, not seven, not hell, and not heaven.” Rick is the protective security guard who seems to be against the actions of Tobias and Jon until he is killed trying to stop OX from attacking. Finally there’s Emily the nurse who has another caring personality and tries to make Ben consider the options he has to help his daughter Sarah. Emily seems to almost develop a friendship with Ben while they are trapped.

Now finally for Lordi’s roles in the movie. As monsters they act just like monsters in any movie by choice. Instead of speaking they roar and growl like typical monsters in monster movies. Each one of them has a unique way of attacking. Every moment involving them gets me excited so there’s nothing about to complain about here. Awa’s the one who’s got all the special effects where’s she’s a screaming ghost that can shatter everything and make noises start up before she attacks. Kita seems like the monster who likes to eat like how he bites Jon and seems to be eating something on the gurney while Emily hides from him and then attacks him. OX is like the burly buff one who can break through doors and walls slamming Rick into the wall. Amen likes sandstorms where he attacks. At first I was expecting him to do something that mummies are more likely to do in movies like suck someone dry or whatever but I was wrong.

Of course you know I absolutely love what Mr. Lordi does in the movie.

Sometimes I wonder if he was the one who raised all those corpses in the hall and made them attack Ben, Sarah, and Emily that is when Emily gets left behind and killed by them. Mr. Lordi makes an epic entrance in the movie when everything begins to turn black and he pops out of the ground and roars viciously spreading his wings. I fangirl too much over that scene. It is a shame that he doesn’t appear until near the end of the movie. Sarah seems to know that he is coming and speaks of something coming after Emily is killed. Mr. Lordi is certainly not to be messed with in this movie and no matter what he does in the movie he always makes me excited and I wish he would be in another horror movie someday.
Most people who review this movie seem often say that this movie is too confusing to be considered good. But if you’re a Lordi fan you enjoy and understand it more like me and I’m no critic. I really love this movie whether it makes sense to me or not. I am sure that if Mr. Lordi was allowed to do the whole thing his way it would have been even better because he would have made it scarier with more gore. Even though he was unable too I was still pretty satisfied with this movie despite the confusing ending. It is one of my favourite horror flicks of all time.

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