Legends Never Die

Some things never get old in the world of music. That is what I think. It may have been around for decades or less than a decade and yet I still love it. Some may not agree because they are tired of it after all those years. Perhaps the reason why I still love it is because it makes me happy no matter how many times I see it or hear it. It could be a band or a song in this case and no matter how popular, overused, or how much it changes I will always love it. Some may choose to let it go but that is their choice. I prefer to keep it with me forever.

You obviously know who these guys are:

Yes I know KISS has been around for decades since the 70s. It’s a good thing that there are still people today that still love them. I have only been in their fandom for less than a month and already I’m noticing the assholes in the fandom who don’t wanna call them legends anymore. They miss Ace Frehley and Peter Criss and don’t like how Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer are wearing the same makeup because of how attached they were to the previous line-ups so they will complain about it and they don’t consider these guys a band anymore. Let me put it to you this way: Band members change all the time. You cannot always expect it to stay the same throughout their career. They change because either members pass away, can’t make a full commitment anymore, or whatever other reason there is and maybe for guys like Peter and Ace it’s a little more complicated. But those fans should at least still be glad that legends like KISS are still around because pretty soon imagine in years to come all the legendary rock bands from the 70s and 80s are gone and you don’t want to adapt to the new type of music sweeping all over the globe but you also dislike the new type of rock music which in some cases is a lot softer. I can’t imagine that myself to be honest. It may be some people’s choice to start to dislike a band because they don’t like the new image, music, or band members but sometimes it is something we have to get over because these things happen all the time. KISS is still a legendary band to me that I love. I heard so many things about them as I grew up and didn’t actually start listening to their music until now.
Now another example. You saw this one coming didn’t you? Instead of a band this is a song by a band. As part of the Lordi fandom I’ve been noticing that the older fans (the ones that have been around since the time Lordi started or they became fans after Eurovision 2006) some of them are starting to get tired of the Lordi song “Hard Rock Hallelujah” which is my favourite Lordi song. Some do not seem to like it anymore because of how overplayed it was for nearly two years after Lordi’s Eurovision victory in 2006 so as a result they are simply tired of it so I wouldn’t say that they hate it. Lordi still plays HRH on a regular basis at concerts and by the time I get to see them live they will without a doubt play HRH.

Lordi has also played this song on TV shows quite a lot with playbacks but it’s not up to them to make those decisions. For instance I tuned in to watch The Late Late Show Eurosong 2013 online which was happening in Dublin, Ireland and Lordi didn’t come until the very end of the show and they played HRH. A lot of fans seemed quite disappointed or irritated while I on the other hand enjoyed rocking out to the song pretending that I was actually present at this event in Dublin. I love this song and probably do more than other fans because I didn’t go through the whole Eurovision thing seven years ago. Some songs are overplayed yes but depending on the song it is still a great song to me. But if you were to use something like a Justin Bieber song which is overplayed then that’s a different story since I don’t like him. Even if I am the only Lordi fan left on this planet that loves HRH that will not bother me. It is kind of like the time I was the last of all the girls in elementary school to outgrow Barbie dolls. I love HRH because it’s catchy in the lyrics and melody. I’ve already told you the main reason why I like it the most haven’t I?

Now I don’t mean to insult people who don’t like the way KISS currently is and/or don’t like hit songs by Lordi that are still being played seven years after they made the band win a big contest like Eurovision. If you’re reading this entry right now and you hate Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer or you love Lordi but are tired of HRH I do not wish to offend you because that is your decision to no longer consider things like these, legends, mega-hits, or popular anymore. To me in my heart things like KISS, and Lordi’s song HRH are always legends to me no matter how much they change or are played. That is why I say that to me, legends never die.


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