Come Hell or Hallelujah Waiting for July

I’m literally staring at my calendar sometimes desperately waiting for July to come. Is it because I want summer to come quickly? Nah, I think it more has to do with the fact that I’m seeing KISS on July 26th this year! I never thought I would be getting to see them. I never gave their music a full listen until now. I think it’s because I love Lordi and KISS is Lordi’s inspiration so I thought why not give them a listen too?

It turns out their music is one helluva great thing to listen to! I already have five favourite songs and four of their albums already in less than a month! More coming soon hopefully. Then came the time my friend invited me to go with him to see KISS at Molson Amphitheater in Toronto this July! I’m too damn excited that my calendar’s marked; I’m counting the days in my mind and already picking out what to wear. I was thinking of finding a KISS shirt, (obviously!) my favourite mini skirt, black boots, fingerless gloves and my wildest idea even though a lot of fans do this is to paint my face as one of the members. However I’m having a lot of trouble deciding which one. Right now it’s between Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley. In the end chances are I might go with Paul because his makeup looks the easiest but on the other hand, Gene is pretty much my favourite member. My friend thinks I have a crush on him and the truth is………………yes I do but I like him back in the 70s a little bit more than the present time. Just like Mr. Lordi, Gene’s married so I recognize the difference the same with him as well.

Well that’s it I’m officially a KISS fan. That should have happened long ago when I was hearing a lot about them over the years. As I say; better late than never.

So I looked into a bit of spoilers for the gig but I can’t help myself sometimes. You know that if I was seeing Lordi I would do the same. So I found the setlist, my friend was nice enough to share it with me when he bought my ticket. I better pay him back.

1. Detroit Rock City
2. Shout It Out Loud
3. Hell or Hallelujah
4. I Love It Loud
5. Psycho Circus
6. Calling Dr. Love
7. Firehouse
8. Wall of Sound
9. Outta This World
10. God of Thunder
11. War Machine
12. Love Gun
13. Black Diamond
14. Lick it Up
15. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
16. Rock n Roll All Nite

Yeah that’s the setlist. I must say, pretty impressive! I see a couple of my favourite songs on there like God of Thunder and Hell or Hallelujah. However I have learned that this is not how the setlist will be for the entire tour so it may change once they start touring Canada. But I’m really hoping that God of Thunder and Hell or Hallelujah will still be there when it’s my turn to see them. Before I even started buying their albums the only song I knew was the very last one on the setlist. I have the albums Destroyer, Creatures of the Night, Love Gun, and Monster so far and I hope to get more in the near future. One thing is certain is that I really hope Gene does a bass solo because I know that`s pretty awesome to watch where he`s spitting blood or breathing fire like the bad-ass demon that he is! I`m pretty sure that he will do that this year because according to the videos he did a bass solo last year at the same venue. He and Mr. Lordi are officially the loves of my life and my Gods! 

Well that’s it for now readers; I’ve already scheduled to write all about the gig when it happens! In the mean time listen to God of Thunder while you’re here!


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