The Stories Behind Dreams

I’ve been having lots of strange dreams lately. Whenever I have a dream it’s not very realistic and I’m always wondering what the message behind those dreams are. I learned in Psychology class that dreams do have to relate to real life events in a way or some people would say it’s really about sex even if you don’t realize it. I don’t believe that at all for some reason.

I’ve had dreams about Lordi once in a while. In the first one Mr. Lordi said my name and that’s all I remember him saying. It happened a few months before I talked to him on the Monsterboard for the first time so I wonder if that dream meant that one day I would talk to him. Then I had another dream where my bedroom had turned into a classroom and there were random people in there. Mr. Lordi walks in and then sings “Call Off The Wedding” Everyone stares at him probably because they don’t know him but I stand up and sing along with him. After having that dream I’m thinking that this is what it’s like when most of the people around you don’t know what Lordi is. There was also a funny dream where I got a back rub from OX and he was talking about how much he loves Motley Crue. After that dream I started listening to Motley Crue. What a coincidence hahahaha! Then there was a dream that I was in Finland and I was flying up to the arctic circle towards Lapland in search for Mr. Lordi.

But also as a gamer I think my dreams are less realistic then non-gamers. I have a lot of dreams about flying and I think it was Sigmund Freud who would state that if you’re dreaming about flying you’re actually dreaming about sexual intercourse. I have to say to that: Nonsense. I want to stay a virgin until after marriage…..if I ever get married that is. So I don’t believe this one bit, sorry Freud. When I dream about flying I think of that dream as feeling free to do whatever I want without people disapproving of it, judging it, etc.

But the dreams I had last week were surprisingly really strange the ones from Wednesday night, Thursday night, and last night:

On Wednesday night I had two weird dreams that were connected. The first one is when a monster gets loose in my house but then we learn it is a kind monster (like Sully) then in the next dream which follows up after the first one. I go with some scientists to an island which is the home of these monsters so they could study them and I soon learn that two of the largest, oldest, and strongest of these creatures are being imprisonedin a dungeon in a fortress and are being enslaved to be turned evil. One scientist goes to save them before it’s too late but I secretly come with her because I know these monsters better than she does. While sneaking around the fortress I see that the guards are black rhinos wearing armour and carrying axes (like the ones in Babar) while looking for the dungeon I am almost detected by their leader whose black armour looks daedric and his horns are longer than the others. I never caught his name but if this relates to Babar then I have a pretty good idea what his name is. But sadly I woke up before I could find the other scientist and tell her that she needs my help and we could find the dungeon. But just before I woke up I had a vision of the two monsters already turned evil and devouring the scientist (who was captured before she could find them) who tried to rescue them which leaves me with the responsibility to set the creatures free and stop the leader’s evil plans. I learned in psychology that even though dreams may be unrealistic like this one they may relate to real life events so I wonder what RL thing this dream relates to.

Then on Thursday night I had a dream that I met KISS twice. First at a small party and then I met Mr. Lordi who was also there too. I asked him to say hi to the others for me because they couldn’t make it. Then I got a photo with Mr. Lordi and his arm was around me. Then I got a photo with KISS and Gene & Paul were hugging me but then Gene kinda took over the hug by pushing Paul off of me hahahaha!! Then the second time I met KISS was at a public meet & greet so there was nothing silly in the photo this time and then I fell into the audience going crowd-surfing. I wish Lordi I met a second time in that dream.

Finally last night’s dream I can’t remember it fully. I was at a restaurant eating with some people and I thought I saw a family I recognized that’s been on TV and for some reason Gene was there without his makeup on. Makes me think of the time I saw several episodes of his reality show when I was younger. I should watch it again someday. I kept wanting to approach him to get an autograph in that dream but it looked like he was with his family so I decided not to. Then later in that same dream I was on a Ferris wheel and didn’t want to get off even though I wanted to. I love Ferris wheels but why would I be stuck on it and want to come off? Also what’s with the KISS dreams these days? When was the last time I  had a dream about Lordi?

I have to admit I have so many dreams these days during my REM sleep that I almost enjoy it. My brother says he never dreams. My parents rarely dream and I feel like I have one almost every night these days. I have to admit that meeting Mr. Lordi/KISS dream was really sweet and when I woke up from that dream I almost grabbed my phone to check to see if my photos with them were on there because in the dream my phone was used by someone to take the photos of me with those musicians that I so love with all my heart. Now I’m wondering what my future night time movies will be.


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