Dressed to Kill

Today I did some shopping. My original mission was to go to the nearby animal clinic to buy some more treats for my two cats Luke & Mianna which I did so but since it’s so nice out I decided to take a little stroll down the street to the Party Max store not too far away because I still needed to buy makeup for July’s KISS concert so I did.

Oh and the good news is that everything is set for July. I’ve chosen what to wear, I bought my makeup, and I have my ticket. (well actually my friend has my ticket) Now I want to do something with my hair but I’m not really sure what. I don’t want to dye it because I don’t see myself as a temporary brunette and c’mon not everyone will show up at the Molson Ampitheater in black hair will they?

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Do you like it gals & guys? Thanks to Hot Topic for being almost the only store on this planet that actually sells apparel that a metal chick like myself is looking for. So yeah this is what I’m wearing to the gig, but this isn’t all of it. I still have my hair and makeup to sort out. I’ve decided to do Paul Stanley’s makeup. I really wanted to do Gene Simmons since he’s my favourite but I think his is the hardest. Or as some of my friends have suggested: a combination of Gene & Paul. I could do my hair like Gene’s and do Paul’s makeup! Then again how will I style my hair like Gene’s? Funny thing is that when I was at that Party Max store I was paying for the makeup and saw a wig of Gene’s hair hanging on the rack behind the lady at the cash register! I almost asked her to get it down for me so I could buy it as well! But unfortunately I didn’t do that. Maybe another day I’ll go back and get that wig (I’m sure for a fact that if I decide to do that it’ll still be on that rack because not many people shop in these kind of stores at this time of year) or I’ll try to do my own hair as Gene’s, it’ll be a mixture but then again who wears a wig of his hair and does Paul’s makeup? Probably no one at this point but maybe I’ll be the first! So choices here: Buy the wig or do my own hair like his?
As I walked the streets in my new KISS shirt I got the feeling some people were staring at me. There were these two guys fixing something in front of someone’s house and some guy with a small Afro hairdo looked at me but didn’t say anything. No one really gave me any compliments except for the lady in the vet’s office and the lady running that party shop. I think I’m telling too many people that I’m seeing KISS in July but what do you expect? When something exciting is gonna happen to you which will be something that’ll give you a happy memory for years of course you wanna tell everyone!

So yeah to conclude this is what I have in mind for what I’m wearing to the KISS concert, parts of it are however not my final decision, hairstyle and makeup are subject to change maybe so stay tuned.


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