I would Love a Monsterman and the Demon

We’ve all got an idol or two or three of even more. Right now I’ve got two big idols right now that have changed my life and sometimes I owe it all to the genre they come from.
Remember when I said I was going through some fictional love drama online and with my family?
It made me depressed and heartbroken for at least a year and a half. Late 2011 during the time the drama was going on was when I got into metal and listened to it in hopes of making me feel better and take me away from all the problems. It worked well so far and I was a Metalhead in no time at all because not only did the music take me away from my troubles it also was unique and that is what I like: Music that stands out. Then in 2012 my first idol appeared and he inspired me to be whatever I would like to be and to pursue in something I love to do no matter what anyone says.
That helped me a lot. Then come April 2013 my second idol made his approach and inspired me to speak my mind, make my own decisions no matter how different they are from people’s suggestions and to be myself even more even if that means it’s not what most people would expect of me.
Mr. Lordi was the nicest singing Monsterman in a rock band that I’ve ever encountered before.

Mr. Lordi you know I’ve spoken of him many times already and yes he’s an amazing and friendly Monsterman. I would do anything to meet him. I have a crush on him because well I just have a thing for scary men and long-haired men and of course I love his personality just as much as I love his costume and singing voice. He’s married to someone named Johanna at this moment, and even though I have a crush on him I understand and respect this marriage because well only stupid fans would try to come between a rock star and their husband/wife while real fans are allowed to have a crush on the rock star but recognize the difference if you know what I mean. I think Mr. Lordi sort of knows I love him because he says he’s seen my posts about him on the Monsterboard which say things like “You are my favourite monster! I wish I could sing like you! Love you!” and “Oh Mr. Lordi I just love your new costume! As always you look amazing! Love you!” So yeah I think he already knows. I’m sure he’s used to it, maybe not as much as Amen and OX but I know for a fact that he knows I’m not some crazy fan who will try to come between him and Johanna and from what I’ve learned is that Johanna is really nice. Mr. Lordi is my rock idol and celebrity crush who inspired me to be whatever I would like to be and to pursue skills at something I enjoy no matter what everyone else says because the most important thing is that I enjoy it myself.
And now for the one and only demon himself but most of you would call him Gene Simmons.
 For those of you who do not know yet, Gene is my most recent rock idol and celebrity crush. I’ve only started liking him a few weeks ago. To tell you the truth this all started several weeks ago when I bought my first two KISS albums and a friend of mine thought I would eventually develop a crush on one of the members of KISS. I assumed in my head it was gonna be Paul Stanley because a lot of girls like him but nope it turned out I ended up crushing on Gene instead even though I’ve refused to admit it until now. Well there you have it I confess: I love Gene Simmons as much as I love Mr. Lordi. There I said it. Happy? Anyway, Gene has inspired me to be myself even more no matter how many people may see it as different, to speak my mind, and to make my own choices even if they are not other people’s expectations or suggestions. I am my own self and I thank Gene for that. I don’t know how he inspired me to do this but he did and sometimes I think it was in the way he plays his music the way he goes up on stage and is completely who he wants to be and everyone loves that. Yeah and he’s married too and has a family no less. How did I find out this? I simply watched his reality show Gene Simmons Family Jewels and saw like several episodes many years ago. I would kill to watch more of that show now just for the hell of it which is what I tried doing today but, I couldn’t because I wanted to start from the first season to catch up on anything but couldn’t find it anywhere! If you start at the beginning then you have a better understanding of the story. When I first saw him without his makeup I barely recognized him but I think everyone goes through that phase don’t they? Just like Mr. Lordi I understand and respect Gene having a wife & kids. Nothing wrong with crushing on a rock star that has a family as long as you keep it to yourself hahahaha! I would love to meet Gene but the chances of that happening are even lower than meeting Mr. Lordi since the fact is that I have to pay over $1000 (yes I said $1000) to get into a meet & greet. Ridiculous, I don’t wanna overpay just to talk to someone I idolize and his fellow band members for a few minutes. I’d rather it be free or cheaper less than $100. Oh well. A girl can dream that she’ll meet Gene & Mr. Lordi one day.
Yeah I love a Monsterman and the Demon. I regret nothing and don’t give a shit what people think. Every Metalhead has a crush on a rock star or two or three or even more! I think the whole concept out of having rock star crushes is well I love the exciting feelings they bring. If I’m feeling down I just think about these two handsome monsters and I feel much better. However one must never go too far with these romantic feelings. Remember what I said about respecting their personal lives? It’s okay to not like their love interests but it’s not okay to try and break them up. I love Mr. Lordi & Gene so much more than they know but I would never try to make them split with their wives because that’s just fucking cruel. Also they’re both different in age. Mr. Lordi is 39 and Gene is 63 but to be honest I do not give a shit about their ages. Age is just a number to me and I believe that it is another thing besides marriage that you shouldn’t allow to stand in your way of having a crush on a rock star or two.
So I’ll keep on loving my Monsterman and Demon. The Demon I can’t wait to see you in July! I hope you give a helluva performance with the boys and I’ll be rocking out all night long! My dear Monsterman I know you are so far away from me and I wish you weren’t but one of these days our paths will cross. I have faith that one day we will see each other. ❤

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