The Lordi/GWAR War

Band conflicts these days never seem to end. It’s almost constant everyday but no this is not between the bands themselves. It’s between the fandoms. The argument is mostly things like who’s better or who sucks in music, image, concerts, etc.
Why not take a look at Lordi and GWAR?

GWAR I have never thought of listening to. The band members themselves have been around longer but their attitudes are quite negative. Like the lead singer Oderus Urungus seems to talk shit about Lordi and wants to “duke it out” with Mr. Lordi once and for all.
Their music is much more aggressive than Lordi and they have violent acts on stage like a giant bug and some monster getting beat up.

Lordi on the other hand tends to be a lot more melodic than GWAR and the band member’s personalities they are much friendlier and sometimes in interviews when they are asked about GWAR, Mr. Lordi says that he doesn’t know much about GWAR. As for performances Lordi delivers a wild performance but nothing violent like GWAR.

So where’s the conflict? As I said it’s in the fandoms not the bands themselves. GWAR fans who strongly believe that Lordi is a rip-off of GWAR and insult Lordi. But that is not always the case. Some GWAR fans are nicer and maybe even like both bands!
Lordi fans will often state that Lordi does not copy GWAR in a way of settling the conflict. They’re right you know.

But in some situations it is mostly Oderus who is talking shit about Lordi and sometimes the GWAR fans will agree with Oderus’s statements and start saying what he says. I am just happy to hear that when there were plans in the past about Lordi & GWAR touring together Lordi turned it down. I wonder why, I’m guessing because Oderus would probably say bad things behind Lordi’s back.

Now of course the only common thing is that both bands dress up as monsters and play rock music. But the music style is definitely one of the things that is different. So I wish that people would stop arguing over which band is better. Lordi and GWAR are pretty much both great bands. If I listened to GWAR I would do that for the monster image and music style. I wouldn’t listen to them to prove who’s the best. Most Lordi fans would probably never listen to GWAR because of this silly competition. But if we could just make peace then both fandoms could agree to one another that both bands are great and even listen to both of these bands without the feeling of regret.


3 thoughts on “The Lordi/GWAR War”

  1. I didn’t realize that band rivalry was a thing. I’ve only heard a few songs from both bands and did wonder about the similarities with the monster get-ups and everything. Some band fandom wars are insane. Don’t worry, I’m not going to play sides with this particular issues.

    I’ve had a couple of people bash me for liking La Dispute since they claimed that they ripped off the band mewithoutYou (which I also liked back then) just because both bands incorporate elements of spoken word and hardcore. Yes, mwY came first, but I can tell the difference between both bands and have seen them live. Of course, the Japanese band Envy did that before mwY, but no one says anything. I temporarily “hated” La Dispute just to spite those people and for them to stop bullying me. Originality is something I’ve cared about even before then, so it gave me this fire inside to call out REAL ripoffs of music, movies, stories, etc. as a kind of revenge against the people who made fun of me liking “unoriginal” things as well as revealing that some critically-acclaimed media gets a free pass when others don’t. Fans can have such selective outrage and can’t see past their own hypocrisy.

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    1. It’s mainly the GWAR fandom accusing Lordi of ripping them off. But Mr. Lordi has stated several times that he had no idea that GWAR existed. The monster image is the only similar thing and there are plenty of other bands just like them, their music is very different.

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      1. Gotcha. I’m not super familiar with either band’s music, so I’m not going to make any judgments about either one. GWAR did get some mainstream attention by being on some talk shows and for that obscenity trial, but I’m not saying that’s enough reason for Lordi to know about them. Some other bands have monster getups, so there’s that. If they legitimately sound different, then people should really calm down. Even I don’t call everything and anything a ripoff unless I have evidence to do so. I know I’ve gotten a bit of a reputation especially on my film review blog, but I swear I don’t use that term as much.

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