Losing your Mind in Detroit Rock City

You wanted the best……you got the best!!! The hottest band in the world……KISS!!!!!!

That’s right. Today I got together with my dear friend Brayden at his house to watch the comedy Detroit Rock City. It was a pretty damn good film if I must say so myself. Hilarious yet exciting.

Gotta say that it’s nice to see KISS do a motion picture like Lordi does Dark Floors even though they did not show up until the very end of the movie. Save the best for last right? It’s really funny how four guys just do whatever it takes to get into a KISS concert such as pick a fight with tough guys, strip down on stage, and escape a mother who’s extremely religious and so on. At first I thought that Gene’s wife Shannon played Jeremiah’s mother who is Catholic and strongly disapproves of KISS. But turns out I was wrong. Shannon ended up playing as someone who was with Hawk in the car. As for the mother she is insane and due to her hatred of KISS she ends up taking it so far it leads her to burning tickets to the concert, taking her son to a Catholic school and then starts a protest called Mothers Against the Music of KISS (MATMOK) That’s bad parenting burning the tickets in my opinion even though that was part of the movie. If I were these guys I’d probably do the same thing to get into a KISS concert or Lordi concert or a concert by some other band that I like. I’d do anything in my power to make front row seats if I could. It would be a pain but worth it. My favourite character besides the band would have to be Trip the only one with long hair. I like men with long hair and…oh yeah that was really brave of him to stand up to the man with the shotgun. The last resort plan for them to get into the concert was absolutely hilarious!

Surprisingly I learned that this movie wasn’t very successful in theaters, but to me I think this is a pretty awesome movie and definitely something I would like to watch again and buy my own copy of. I highly recommend it to any KISS fans who have not seen it yet. Also it seems each of the boys got a kiss from some girl of their dreams including Jeremiah with Beth who always had a crush on him. As soon as that girl’s name is mentioned I think of the song Beth that Peter Criss wrote which is a beautiful song by the way and I wasn’t expecting it to be on the album Destroyer when I bought it.

For some silly reason I do not like the concept of losing your virginity right after your first kiss with your new girlfriend which is what happened with Jeremiah and Beth when they confessed to one another. Shouldn’t intercourse have to wait a little to get to know the person better before you go all the way? Oh well that’s just typical romance for you.

Only 47 days until I get to see KISS live!

I can’t wait any longer for any concert I’m going to whether it be KISS, Lordi (hopefully someday with all my heart I’ll be impatient and excited to see Lordi one day) or any other band I love!


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