Playing the Devil

Sometimes I wonder if the stories are true: If there really will be Lordi action figures this fall. All I know is that Mr. Lordi spoke of it and it was also confirmed by the guy who owns DeConte Figures. I wonder where all the updates are now and why we haven’t got any new news recently.
This makes me wonder if this is true and accurate to happen this fall or the information is being delayed to either lots going on or they want to surprise us Monstermaniacs. If I remember correctly fans were informed quite early about the release of Scarchives before it came out so this is the same ol’ situation. Hahaha I know, I felt like doing a Motley Crue reference. Speaking of Scarchives I should review it sometime since I have not done that yet.

But I’ll tell you this: My bedroom needs a Mr. Lordi action figure sooner rather than later. It is priority as big as seeing Lordi live is to me. So I better stay tuned for now.


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