Alduin’s Bane

Enemies must be defeated at some point and yeah I think it’s time I taught Alduin a lesson. My journey in Skyrim has had its ups and downs since I talked to Paarthurnax and married Farkas. I’m still debating whether to join the Dark Brotherhood; I’ve started Dawnguard, still haven’t started Dragonborn and am slowly progressing in building my own house. Things are going well.

Just recently after finally getting my glass armour I went to the Throat of the World with the Elder Scroll after a helluva lot of fighting just to make sure I was one hundred percent ready to fight Alduin because God knows how tough he will be.

Seeing Paarthurnax again is always an excitement because he is my mentor in the game and without him I wouldn’t know what it means to be Dragonborn.

Alduin showed up when I returned to the present after reading the scroll. At first I thought I was gonna have a lot of trouble in the fight. But I was wrong. I used Dragonrend aiming it well and brought him to the ground and used my Dragonbane on him while trying to stay clear of his face because of the damage his breath and his bite can do. During his meteor shower attack I just ran around trying to avoid it and surprisingly during the whole fight I didn’t take as much damage as I thought I would, and oh yeah that’s because I’m level 26 and I enchanted my armour to give myself a health boost. I thought most players don’t bother using the Dragonbane anymore but I keep it and save it for dragons. It works well on them surprisingly I only had to hit him twice in the battle with Dragonrend in order to bring him down and defeat him. That was almost too easy but maybe that’s because I’m only on Apprentice difficulty. After Alduin fled I spoke to Paarthurnax because I didn’t feel like fast-travelling to High Hrothgar to speak to Argneir and Esbern I don’t want anything to do with him and Delphine ever again. I wish I could kill those two! Now I’m wondering what’s next, only once I think I’m stronger to keep going at the main quest will I know.

Fighting Alduin I’d still say was difficult but that’s not the first time I had rough battle. Malkoran was also a pain in the ass to kill and I imagine once I cross paths with Alduin again his powers will have doubled by then.


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