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I’m feeling uptight on Saturday night so here’s the latest KISS buzz with me!

So I ended up buying five new KISS albums to add to the ones I got last month and I’m feeling pretty good about it. Can you believe I already have nine of their albums in less than three months? I know, I know their music is so easy to find in a record store.
I don’t buy anything on iTunes unless I can’t find it anywhere. I’m an old school gal like Mr. Lordi. The concept of buying the CD to me is that if you only want it because there’s one song you heard that’s on it that you think is catchy, buy the album and not only will you be happy that you have that song, but as you listen to the album you might like a few more songs on it. The more the merrier.

I also bought Detroit Rock City on DVD. At first I thought I wouldn’t be available but it was still there. Remember my review on it a couple of weeks ago? Yeah it’s funny as hell. I watched it last night and perhaps I will watch it again the night before the KISS concert just like my friend said he would do so too.

Here is my lovely but small KISS collection. I should also count my Rock n Roll Over T-shirt as part of it too. I got Destroyer, Love Gun, Creatures of the Night, and Monster a few weeks after my birthday. KISS I bought on Thursday after going out to dinner at Boston Pizza, I just went over to Future Shop while my mom was getting a few groceries. Dressed to Kill, Rock n Roll Over, and Unmasked along with Detroit Rock City I bought yesterday. I’ve never bought that much at HMV before. I was originally gonna get just Rock n Roll Over and Detroit Rock City but I thought why not look and see if there are any other ones I don’t have yet so I ended up adding Dressed to Kill because….well I don’t have it, and Unmasked because a friend of mine recommended it to me. So I ended up spending my entire Friday afternoon listening to the four new albums and they’re all great. Their self-titled debut has some good songs like Strutter which has an awesome beat to it, and also Cold Gin is catchy. I remember hearing some guitar riffs from that song in a Swedish interview with Mr. Lordi when he mentioned how Gene Simmons is his favourite rock monster. Rock n Roll Over has one of my favourite KISS songs: Calling Dr. Love. My friend always uses that song as a reference when he teases me about my crush on Gene. That’s probably because Gene wrote that song! Unmasked was decent but I couldn’t tell who was singing because only one of the members seemed to sing for each song. Dressed to Kill was good, it’s got that catchy song Rock n Roll All Nite on it and the rest is good too. I must say that on the cover they look handsome in suits with their makeup.
And….oh yeah my parents went out to buy their usual dozens of wine at the liquor store. No it’s not that my parents are alcoholic. We just have a wine fridge that’s why. So while they were getting their booze, I walked over to a small record store and looked around.
Turns out I walked out of that store with Hotter than Hell and a Motley Crue album. I will give Hotter than Hell a listen sometime next week and hopefully it’s a good album. I heard the song Hotter than Hell once and thought it was pretty good. It’s another song that my friend uses to tease me about Gene. But to be honest I don’t mind it when he teases me about these things, it makes me laugh and blush. I mean that’s better than getting angry right?
The other four albums I bought last month were amazing. Destroyer was the first I listened to and I fell in love with the songs Detroit Rock City, “Shout It Out Loud and “God of Thunder” I really hope they play those at the concert especially God of Thunder. Creatures of the Night was decent with Eric Carr on drums. I think Peter Criss was better but Eric was good too. My favourite song on that one is I Still Love you. Love Gun has plenty of catchy tunes like I Stole Your Love, Love Gun, Christine Sixteen, and Then She Kissed Me. I’m starting to think of something romantic when I listen to Then She Kissed Me. What romance? Well I’d rather not say, I’m afraid it’s classified. Monster being the latest album is a lot more aggressive, could be either the change in band members or the recording or many other possibilities that make it sound different. Tommy Thayer is actually a really good guitarist. Not saying that he’s better than Ace Frehley because I like him too. The best songs would have to be Hell or Hallelujah, Eat Your Heart Out, and All for the Love of Rock & Roll. I really hope they play Hell or Hallelujah live.
Now onto the other big KISS news. This actually doesn’t have anything to do with me buying anything new but I’m going to say it anyway. I was checking Twitter on my phone over at my aunt’s house as I stay there twice a week for summer college classes and I saw Gene tweet and it popped up on my feed. I follow him of course but at first I thought it wasn’t common for him to tweet until I read the tweet and it said something like this: “Okay it’s Gene I’ve decided to tweet on my own…” and so on. Some people believed it was really him while others were like “How can we be sure it’s really you?” So it looks like he asked his web mistress (which I assume runs his website and tweets for him) to step aside so he could take over and get a little help from Shannon and Nick to learn how to tweet himself even though tweeting is like the easiest thing to do on the Internet in my opinion. So yeah that’s it, Gene’s tweeting. I like that because sometimes he’ll answer you if you’re lucky enough. Sometimes I get the feeling that he and I have something in common: We have strong opinions on certain things. I almost found it funny how when some people didn’t believe it was him, he kept trying to prove it and then yesterday there’s photos on a KISS blog taken from his website that has him sitting in front of a laptop and you can see Twitter on the screen. There’s proof for you! But in reality when I saw that tweet from last Wednesday, I already believed it was really him before those photos appeared because, if it was his web mistress then she wouldn’t tweet something like that tweet I saw. His tweets are actually funny sometimes aside from other ones where he’s got an opinion on something, perhaps I will consider that another reason why he rocks my world along with Mr. Lordi. Getting a reply however is harder than getting a reply from the Lordi members that have Twitters due to the fact that he has like 400,000 followers and obviously if you’re a celebrity who likes to be interactive you may have time to read all the comments and questions fans send you but you don’t have time to answer to all of them.
Did Gene ever reply to me? Yes, last week. I had a heart attack because I wasn’t expecting a reply either since it’s pretty much considered rarer.
Yes  this is really silly but I just had to do this:
Yeah I’m the one who’s KISSLordiAngel on that because that’s pretty much my signature name now. I just wanted to ask him about the Canada tour which starts July 5th and that’s what he said to answer my question. Oh and I don’t think I’m the only person who takes screenshots of things like this and this is not the first time. The first time was when I got that message from Mr. Lordi back in December too. As you were expecting I always end up adding tweets of famous people replying to me to my favourites even though those were mostly from Amen, Mana and now Gene.
So that’s a helluva lot of updates recently. I think I’ve covered everything now for a while. Now the night is still young so I think I’ll watch a movie or something.

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