Caveat Emptor

Alright I’m back. I told myself I would take a break from buying records for maybe a few months or the rest of the year.

Gene Simmons was right. There will be pop-up KISS stores in this country called KISS Army Depot I believe. There will be one in Toronto and I can’t decide whether I should try to go down there and check it out or not.
Well if this was Gene’s idea you know him, he’s money hungry. But turns out the money goes to charities. Do these stores have official stuff? I don’t know. All I really want is a Monster Tour T-shirt and I don’t know if I can buy one of those outside the Amphitheater. My friend Samantha (maybe I’ll call her Sam if she doesn’t mind) from the Netherlands saw KISS a couple of weeks ago and she got some official stuff. She did warn me that not all of the stuff was official so I’ll make sure to distinguish. The thing is however, is that there were not any pop up stores like these during the European tour so I have no idea how I’m just gonna get my hands on one thing.

Another thing that makes it hard to decide is the fact that since it says “KISS Army Depot” no one has answered my question which is: Are these stores open to all fans or only for fans who have joined the fan club which is the KISS Army?

I got a few opinions on the Monsterboard which helped. I once considered joining the KISS Army because I can meet other fans. That’s why I joined Lordi Army. But there’s a small fee to get into the KISS Army. I’m against paying to get into a fan club. The last time I did that was in third grade I think and the reward was I got merchandise delivered to me every month, but when the fan club was discontinued I gave most of the stuff away and I didn’t meet any other fans.

Now of course one of my friends on the Monsterboard says that you don’t have to be a member of the KISS Army to be a KISS fan which I agree with one hundred percent.

It now all comes down to this: go a week before the concert to check it out to either gain entry or be booted out, or there’s the possibility that fan club members get discounts but everyone else gets the normal price but I sense some greed around here. Perhaps that is another reason why I say “Caveat Emptor”


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