Enduring and Missing Out

I’ve successfully survived about half of missing out on Lordi’s tour. I just need to vent my feelings on here about it right now because I think I should, and this is the only place where I can.

I’ve been relying on just listening to their music, writing my fanfiction, playing video games, and taking interest in KISS to keep my mind off how I feel. It’s the best medicine that prevents sorrow from jealousy. I’m considering sending a letter to Lordi, the old-fashioned way no less because they like letters like that; ones where they can reply with autographs.
I might not do that until August though. Being in the KISS fandom is one thing because not many people have met them because, KISS is harder to meet than Lordi. But in the Lordi fandom it’s really hard to find fans that understand how I feel when it comes to wanting to see Lordi live and, meet them. Why is that? That is because the majority of those fans (even some in the US) have already seen/met them. They may say that they understand, but the truth is that the only fans that can really understand what I’m going through are the ones who are in the same situation as me; it doesn’t matter whether they’re living in Europe and they’re too young, or the band doesn’t go where they are, or they live outside of Europe and didn’t get a chance to see them when they came or they didn’t come at all, period. All that matters is they feel the same way. The problem is that once they do see them, I begin to run out of people to share how I feel with. There are only like five fans who actually really understand how I feel because they are in the same situation as me. A few are in North America with me and some are in Europe living in places that Lordi hasn’t visited. I even ran into a Finn on tumblr who has never seen them. Now as for the fans that have been there done that, they are still my friends and always will be, so this is not meant to insult them. I still talk to them and, they are very kind to me.

Now Lordi on their way to do summer festivals: That goes on until July 26th, the same day I’m seeing KISS. The good news is that KISS is expected to be in Canada on July 5th to start their tour in the country, so maybe that will keep my mind off things. I can use that to help by just letting excitement build up inside me on the fact that I’ll be seeing one of the hottest bands in the world in about four weeks from now.

But keep in mind that I don’t want to be missing out on all things Lordi forever. (Buying the albums and other merchandise don’t count) Once again this is their management’s fault, not theirs. So I’m not gonna lose any faith in Lordi and I never will. I love them so much that losing my faith in them will mean that they will never come and, I don’t want that.

I guess things are going well for me right now. The good news is that; I’m not crying on the floor in the corner of my room when I know another person who’s going or has gone and done it. Even though when I know it I feel outnumbered inside but I keep it to myself. Don’t worry, be happy right?

Well, at least I’m surviving. I still and always will believe that one day Lordi’s path will cross with mine one day. Never give in.


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