Falling for Starchild and Spaceman

Happy Canada day! 25 days until I get to see KISS! I think I’m becoming a ball of fire everyday because of that! Days seem to go by so slowly when you’re waiting for something exciting to come like a concert, your birthday, Christmas or whatever it is.

Anyway, if you’ve looked at my list of favourite bands page I think you know by now that Mr. Lordi and Gene Simmons are not my only rock star crushes now. I’m falling for two other KISS guys, one current and one former: The Starchild and the Spaceman. I think they’re the most popular with the girls. Paul probably comes in first place, and Ace comes in second. I still don’t want to hate on Tommy Thayer just because he’s wearing Ace’s makeup because there’s no point, it is the way it is. If it was Gene’s idea which I’m guessing it was then oh well, fans just have to accept that. This is the only thing I don’t enjoy about the KISS fandom is that a lot of fans; especially ones that have been fans for thirty years or more just can’t accept the way KISS is now. They say things like, half of the band is fake, or they need to retire. Keep in mind that KISS is a legend without a doubt and when they’re gone, they’re gone. I try to focus on the positive things when I interact with the fans. I do the same with Lordi but there’s a lot of drama and conflict that goes on there that sometimes I feel like leaving the fandom. But that doesn’t mean I won’t stop listening to the band and finding a way to see them one day. I’ll just avoid the forums if I have to.

Anway, back on topic here. I’m falling in love with Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley. They’re a lot more laid back sometimes and that’s what I like. They inspire me too so that’s a good reason to love them!

I have to say that Paul Stanley is really talented. He does most of the singing in the band and he’s got a great voice! Most fans often say that they don’t like how much his singing has changed now like on the album Monster for instance. Yeah it changed a bit from what I’ve noticed when I listened to Love Gun and then Monster when I bought those albums. But I don’t really care, he still sings great along with the others to me  also he’s very caring for the fans and often expresses concern for them when things go wrong like the tornadoes in Oklahoma for instance he was hoping that the fans in the states were all right. He’s caring and that’s what I love about him! One Lordi fan I’m friends with also loves him too; perhaps I should tell her that we need to share the Starchild with each other hahahaha! What has Paul inspired me to do? Well, I’d say that he could be another musician just like Mr. Lordi who makes me want to pursue in singing skills. I haven’t practiced singing for quite some time because I’m writing a lot these days but now I’ve got two rock stars who I love with all my heart who make me want to keep singing!
Now here’s the Spaceman!

Ace is the coolest Spaceman I’ve seen and he’s one of my favorite guitarists. I love him because not only is he a great musician but I also love his sense of humor. He has a cute laugh too. Even when he laughs he makes me laugh! You know what they say: Laugh, and the world laughs with you. He made me crack up in the Tom Snyder interview and totally owned Gene that very day! Ace inspires me to let loose and be a more cheerful person which I try to be from now on. I want to be able to take jokes like other people do. A lot of fans say that Ace was the most laid back member of KISS and I have to agree with them. He was. I think I love him a little more than I love Paul and he’s starting to catch up to Gene. This could get interesting but only time will tell. Love you Ace!
I must admit I’m crushing on so many rock musicians and most of them have one thing in common: They have long hair and wear unique outfits and makeup. I know, I dig men with long hair with cool costumes and makeup it’s pretty cool but I don’t care if people think I’m weird. Most of the other KISS fangirls I’ve met are in love with at least one, two or three members so it’s no big deal. As I said; I think I love Ace a little bit more than I love Paul and now Ace is catching up to Gene. I wonder what’ll happen from this.
That’s it for now, I have some shit I gotta take care of this week.


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