Unleashing Your Anger with Blood, Gore, and Dead Grubs

I don’t do this very often but I love to rely on certain video games to let out my frustrations without hurting anyone. Works even better if the game has more gore and profanity.

I play Gears of War and have the second and third games in the series. Best part is the many ways you can brutally kill an enemy whether you slice them with a chainsaw or blow them to bits from the rockets on a Brumak that you hijacked.
No matter the way you do it, it feels great especially if you’re angry. Therefore I say that playing Gears of War is how I like to express my anger without hurting someone. I do not use this method all the time, mostly I use heavy metal but this method helps too. However these days I find myself playing the game just for fun instead. But playing to calm down when I’m pissed still helps today.

Also I happen to be a fan of this game series. Playing through the games is like playing through a movie. There are so many tense moments aside from battle that can get me emotional.

The story line is intense. I must admit that I was quite surprising to learn in the third game that Imulsion and the Lambent were the cause of E-Day (the day the Locust came to the surface) Myrrah the queen of the Locust ordered them to conquer the surface to escape the Lambent. Sera being infected and all, it’s a shame that the Locust could not be saved when the planet was cured but hey, they were evil, so they got what they deserved.

The games are known to have such sad moments as well. Even parts that made me cry, like the time Dom finds his wife Maria in captivity but she is barely alive and has to euthanize her. Then there’s the time when Dom sacrifices himself to save his friends when they’re outnumbered from the Locust and Lambent. I swear I shed a few tears from those scenes.

The one thing is that with games like these there is so much profanity I can probably just count how many times Marcus Fenix swore in these games. He’s on my list of attractive video game characters but he appears to have a pretty serious temper especially in the third game. You can tell he’s been through a lot with a personality like that. I also always thought there was something between him and Anya Stroud. She was the one who was always there for him when things went really wrong.

The hardest parts for me to play through? I have to say the first was driving the centaur up to Mt. Kadar, then there was going through open land with some cover avoiding mortars in Nexus, defending the comm ray, and then defending Anvil Gate. Those things gradually get easier as I start to play more. I think the only reason why I managed to not get them past the second gate was because I saved my OneShot rounds for the herd of Maulers trying to break the door down. That was just luck, I know it.

But I swear, everytime a grub’s head explodes from a bullet in my sniper rifle it feels great as if I’ve let every frustration out. Same goes for a chainsaw melee, or executing a grub that’s down. When I’m playing games like these I don’t have to think about anything and, I can just let loose, kill things, and express my feelings without hurting someone.


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