Rain Rain Go Away

I’m getting really concerned about the weather here right now. It’s not like the way it was last summer. Last summer it was sunny, occasionally rainy, and almost every day I would walk outside and hear the sound of the cicadas chirping and it’s like an oven outside.
Now it’s become overcast and rainy almost everyday. This is not Forks people so what’s going on here? You know why I hate rain so much? It’s miserable to walk in, it can cancel and/or postpone plans you have, it causes floods, you sit inside all day with nothing to do until you get bored. I’m not a big outdoor person but if I have certain plans I want the weather to be nice on the day it happens.

I keep looking at the weather network hoping that the weather will light up soon. I don’t want to get rained on at the KISS concert because the Amphitheater’s roof does not cover every seat there and it probably doesn’t cover where I’m sitting. Suddenly I’m already worried about the fans who are sitting in the lawn area too. KISS is not the only plan though. I might want to go to Canada’s Wonderland again, I have a season pass, I want to go there a few times this summer and I don’t like it when my plans to go with friends are constantly change. Maybe with the KISS concert it’s a different story because they are scheduled to play on that very day. Thanks to a tweet link I saw Shannon Tweed share I learned that one of their concerts was cancelled in Calgary because of the flooding and I’m really scared I don’t want weather or disasters to interfere with my chance (and maybe my only chance) to see the hottest band in the world.

Suddenly it doesn’t feel like summer right now it feels more like spring. If this is global warming I feel like saying to society: You see? This is what happens if you keep driving SUVs, big Jeeps, cutting down trees, and polluting the air with toxics from factories! And it’ll only get worse over the decades to come. Soon we might have hurricanes and tornadoes over here! Heck, there’s already reports on the news about tornado watches and warnings in Alberta and Saskatchewan right now!

It was raining when I woke up this morning and I was already pissed because this is how it’s been for weeks. When it’s not raining right now it’s overcast or mostly cloudy. That’s better than rain but I don’t like the sign of it because it can always change into another rainfall in any moment. Whenever I look at the P.O.P under the forecast I don’t know how concerned I should be if it’s at 40%. If it’s at like 70% or higher then I know that’s when it’s going to happen. No one really understands how I feel about this. I don’t want things I enjoy jeopardized because of the weather, especially KISS.


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