Inner Demon


Been a while hasn’t it? Well everything’s going good right now, except for the fact that I have a psychology test in a few days. Study, study, study. It’s not my best subject so I want to do the best that I can.

Oh by the way, remember when I wrote that I saw a Gene Simmons wig in that Party Max store? I went back and bought it last Saturday. Got to the store just as it opened and bought it. I went on Friday but they didn’t have it so I had to wait until tomorrow and managed to get there on Saturday morning at ten in the morning. I’m good at planning these things.

So now I’ve made my final decision: I’m doing Gene’s makeup, wearing my Rock & Roll Over T-Shirt, sparkly mini-skirt and a wig. Using a headband to pull back my bangs doesn’t look nice anyway so heck, I’ll get creative and wear a wig! Now you can call me Emily Simmons on that night if you want!

One week and a half left until KISS! Now if you will excuse me I have to get back to studying.


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