KISS Monster Album Review

Hello everyone, with only four days left until I see the hottest band in the world: KISS. (YAY!!) I’ll give you a review of the Monster album. I know what you’re thinking, some of my past reviews have been shorter than others. Well if you’re a bigger fan of what it comes from you’ll be a better critic. But I’m more of a positive critic. So here we go.

Monster was one of the first few KISS albums that I bought. Even though there has been a change in band members; I was expecting the album to sound a lot like something related to the albums I had from the 70s because I assumed that was KISS’s permanent playing style. Turns out I was wrong. This album is a lot more aggressive, and sounds a lot more like heavy metal than the classic KISS most of you are used to. To be honest I actually like this new sound for the band. It’s just like the heavy metal that I listen to in general and it’s just like Lordi’s latest album which also took an aggressive turn.
Even after forty years, Paul Stanley’s voice still sounds great. Most fans would probably complain that he’s not the same anymore. But to me, he sounds great. I remember watching an interview where he said that he and Gene Simmons think the band sounds even better since Sonic Boom (which I still have to buy) Most fans would argue that they are so in love with the past music from KISS that they complain and just won’t accept the way the band is now. That’s their choice but in my view complaining is pointless, if you’re a real fan you’ll support the band and enjoy the music no matter how different sounds as the years pass by.
As for Gene Simmons on bass, he always sounds great when he plays bass and when he sings. I especially like how he has a short solo during the verses of the song “Eat Your Heart Out” (which he also wrote, I love that song) because the bass guitar is one of those instruments you can’t really hear in the song unless everyone else goes quiet for a minute or a few seconds. But as always he takes my breath away whenever he plays bass. I barely recognized his voice when he was singing on this album, but as soon as I got better at distinguishing the difference between each of the band member’s voices I soon recognized him singing in no time.
Now onto the new band members, yes they’re wearing that makeup but I’m not one to constantly whine about that. Eric Singer & Tommy Thayer appear to play much more clearer than Ace & Peter. Now I don’t mean to hate on Ace and Peter because I like them too. Their departure, I’d say was necessary in order for the band to be more successful. Sometimes sacrifices must be made in order to keep going down the road to success. I will always miss Peter & Ace (especially Ace because he’s super cute and funny) and I will always love their music from the 70s; but this is the way it is now. I love this new sound and line-up. I love everything about KISS, there’s not a single thing I find wrong with them except for the fact that their meet & greets are far out of my budget!
Tommy Thayer is an amazing guitarist. Every time I start to hear him play his solos on the albums I feel like getting up and headbanging like there’s no tomorrow. He has great talent on the guitar and from what I’ve heard, he’s a very nice guy (and handsome too for his age!) He wrote the song “Outta This World” and he sings it too. He’s a great songwriter and singer too. Every time I listen to that song I picture him taking me into outer space, we are holding hands and we kiss as the ship goes into light speed (Oops did I just reveal something? Okay yeah I did…..uh-oh!) and takes us to another planet or another galaxy. Yes I’m a total daydreamer when I listen to songs I like. I think of something similar with Ace whenever I listen to “Rocket Ride” which was while Ace was still in the band.
Now some of you haters out there are probably upset that Tommy will play “Shock Me” from now on, but to me I’m sure the song will still sound great even if he is playing it instead of Ace.

Eric Singer is such a dynamo on the drums. I can’t decide if it’s him, Peter Criss or Eric Carr who’s the best because they are all great drummers. Eric Singer has a song on the album that was written for him which is “All For The Love of Rock n’ Roll” which is actually about his life and he sings lead vocals on it. I love the meaning of that song. In an interview Paul states that that song was to be for Eric on what he chose to do with his life. He left his hometown to become a rock star and all he cared about was the music. I like that spirit and I wish people would stop talking shit about him as well as Tommy.
Most of the songs on this album have blown me away (in a good way of course) and they make me rock out like crazy because this is the kind of music that I enjoy the most. My favorites would have to be “Hell or Hallelujah”, “Eat Your Heart Out”, “The Devil is Me”, “Outta This World”,  and “All For The Love of Rock & Roll”. I know they might play “Hell or Hallelujah” at that concert and probably “Outta This World” too I hope because those ones appear to be the most popular. I’ve been practicing singing “Hell or Hallelujah” and I almost have the song perfected. There really isn’t much feedback for me to give about the songs in general because pretty much all of them are exactly what I’m looking for when it comes to this kind of music: interesting lyrics, epic guitar riffs & solos, good singing, etc.
In the interview where Gene & Paul talk about how the album turned out, everything was quite positive and Paul even revealed what some of the songs are really about. I already told you what “All For The Love of Rock & Roll” is about. It was revealed that ‘The Devil is Me” represents Gene but I think most of you will figure that out pretty quickly if you insert words like “devil” into a KISS song it’ll most likely be about Gene. Sources say that “Back to the Stone Age” was about their past, not completely sure what that was completely about but it was a decent song. 
So that’s what I think about the Monster album. It sounds great: Just what I’m looking for when it comes to hard rock & heavy metal. I wish that more fans in the world would enjoy this album as much as I do. I have seen plenty of fans who love this album but also plenty who hate it because it’s not what they grew up with. According to a good friend of mine; another reason why the band in general, and Eric & Tommy still receive half the amount of hate as they receive love; it’s because these people miss the way the band originally was. I can understand that and part of me feels that way with Lordi but I don’t complain about it. I ignore the haters who attack KISS for the way they are now because giving them attention will only make them continue to do what they’re doing. Remember when I spoke about how to me, something that is legendary in my heart is always a legend to me and something I love no matter how much it changes and/or is played? Well this is what KISS is to me. I love KISS no matter how much they change just like I do with Lordi. If some people can’t accept these changes as quickly as I can well that’s their choice and I will respect that but there is no need to express your annoyance from those changes over a band such as KISS. We cannot live in the past forever, we need to move on.

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