Tomorrow and Tonight

Greetings to you all sickos! Tomorrow is the big day! KISS is waiting! To celebrate tonight, I watched Detroit Rock City, and sang a few KISS songs. I’ve been counting the days since the start of June and now it’s right around the corner!
I really think I should get some sleep but what if I can’t get to sleep because I’m too excited? I don’t know, maybe I should just clear all thoughts as soon as I’m in bed, but I’ll try to sleep; maybe not too hard because that just makes insomnia worse when it comes, and if there’s one thing I hate at night; it’s insomnia. I’m probably going to hit the sack in twenty minutes from now.

So, I’ll try to take some good pictures. If I was sitting closer to the stage they’d be better so the screens might come in handy so we’ll see. One thing is certain is that once Gene breathes fire and spits blood; I WANT TO ACTUALLY SEE IT! Yes there will be pictures of me in my look as the Demon dressed to kill. I’m gonna send the best photo of myself tomorrow night to KISS via fan letter on their website probably the day after. The picture might not make it onto their Facebook page but I don’t really care. Stay tuned people! I will write all about how much fun I had either on Saturday or Sunday!

Alright I think I should get some well-deserved sleep or maybe I should practice “Love Gun” a few times because I promised a friend of mine that I would sing it for her since she can’t make it to the gig.


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