I Was Made For Lovin’ KISS

What a night! What an epic night of KISS at the Molson Canadian Ampitheater in Toronto! Probably the most epic night of my entire life! Or the most epic night so far there could be other nights as epic as this one!

I spent yesterday morning doing my nails, washing my hair and preparing myself while playing a KISS marathon on the stereo. Thank goodness I had the house to myself. I can’t really play my music on the stereo with people in the house. I’m the only KISS fan in this family! I started putting on the makeup at four before my friend arrived. The makeup wasn’t too hard to put on as I thought since I’ve been practicing.
Here’s me with the makeup and wig on and the outfit I said I would wear:

I’m dressed to kill baby! I don’t think I put on enough coatings of the white parts but oh well no KISS makeup on a fan is perfect. My friend arrived just in the nick of time when I was already ready to go. I persuaded him to do KISS makeup as well so he chose to do Paul Stanley. On the road to the Amphitheater we blasted KISS music in the car singing all our favorite songs. Thank God we stayed off the highway otherwise we would be stuck! Along the way there was a truck in front of us who noticed my wig and gave me devil horns! I literally thought I’d die of laughter at that moment. Then just as we pulled in to the Amphitheater I could already see people walking towards the venue. I opened the window and gave devil horns to people, there were even some fans who were wearing makeup too!

We walked into the venue, and bought Monster tour shirts along the way. I started seeing kids, teens and adults some of them in KISS makeup. One guy in Eric Carr makeup even asked to have a photo with me and I said yes. This is the good thing about a KISS concert. If you wear the makeup fans whether you know them or not will speak to you, high five you, and ask for a photo with you. I honestly don’t care if these fans are complete strangers to me. What matters is that I’m being social and meeting other fans. For once I finally felt not alone anymore as I socialized with fans walking by. I was skipping happily up the stairs and running to our seats with excitement, and they already had the spider set up for the show. As you can see in this photo here we are sitting in 402. Not the best spot I know, but we couldn’t afford anything closer. Hopefully if KISS ever comes back and we decide to go we’ll get closer seats if it’s at this venue again. I should have persuaded Brayden (my friend in the Paul Stanley makeup) to get a KISS shirt in advance before we got them outside the venue. Oh well, he claims that this Iron Maiden shirt of his (which I gave him for Xmas a few years ago) is his concert wear. Very impressive. Some people were even wearing the same shirt as me!

After we settled into our seats, Shinedown hit the stage. I only recognized one song by them which was “I’ll Follow You” Even though I’m still getting to know them I stood up and danced about and if I wasn’t doing that I would glance at other KISS fans walking by to see if anyone was wearing makeup like us. Some fans were, I gave devil horns, stuck my tongue out, and high-fived fans walking into the venue in the path behind us. As I said, I felt like I actually belonged in this part of society now that I know that there are so many other KISS fans around. You just have to look.

Shinedown delivered a great performance even thought I didn’t know more than half of their songs. Well I went through the same thing when I saw Kamelot open up for Nightwish last September. I just love how so many fans were willing to talk to us. It’s nice to be a part of the KISS fandom where everyone is so friendly to you and the attention you get when you wear makeup. Not saying that I’m an spoiled attention seeker hahahaha!!

Just as Shinedown was finishing up I spotted a few fans outside the stands in costumes. Now that’s what I call spirit! If I had a KISS costume I would have worn it! First a group of fans who were all in costumes of the four members high-fived us as we waved devil horns at them. Then later on I spotted a fan in a Gene Simmons costume from the Destroyer era. I love the Destroyer era and whenever I think of Gene; I think of him in that outfit. He was taking photos with other fans and I must say that his costume was amazing! So I asked if I could get a photo with him as soon as I saw him enter the venue so here’s a photo of us. This is my favorite fan photo of all the fan photos I got yesterday. I don’t know why it’s just a cute photo! I think you can buy these costumes online. I should have stuck my tongue out when this was taken but I didn’t. Oh well, at least there are still some other photos I got with fans and that my parents took where I did that. Also my friend Brayden got a photo taken with a fan in a Paul Stanley costume and it’s really cute. I won’t share it on here though cause well I think he should share it on his own blog if he ever decides to make one (and just between you and me I think he would love having one because he’s just open with his feelings and opinions as I am!)

As the sun began to set I became so impatient for KISS! Soon the curtains came down on the stage and all we could see was a black curtain with the band logo printed on it. I began shaking inside knowing that the moment was coming. I had been counting the days until this day ever since June. I wouldn’t have been here if I didn’t ask Brayden back in April if I could go with him to the concert when he was planning to buy tickets.

Then after the sun went down behind the trees in the distance soon the beating of drums was heard. I began shaking even more ready to scream and sing all night long. The screens began to show the four band members: Gene, Paul, Eric, and Tommy walking towards the stage entrance. I started screaming happily that I loved all of them. Then that is when as the chant was heard: You wanted the best….you GOT the best!!! The hottest band in the world: KISS!!! Then the curtains went down, the stage lit up, and off go the fireworks. I saw all four members on the stage and I began cheering and screaming like a little fangirl! Even though I was far from the stage I could still make out which band member is which. The setlist for the concert was great. I sang all my favorite songs. While at it a group of fans who know me and Brayden through Facebook and a friend of Brayden’s who is in a small band with him came to join us so we had a blast!

I have so many photos of the stage so I’m only going to share one but you can view all the stage photos from an album I have made. I apologize for the distance, and I promise that if I ever see KISS again I’ll try to get better seats so I can get better photos. I didn’t sing all the songs, but I did cheer, headbang, and wave devil horns to all of them. I took stage photos during the best lighting and song moments. The songs I sang the loudest were “Shout it out Loud”, “Hell or Hallelujah”, “God of Thunder”, “Detroit Rock City”, “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” , “Rock and Roll All Nite” , “Love Gun”, “Calling Dr. Love” and “Outta This World”. But above all there was always something epic going on during each song from bursting flames, fireworks, Eric rising in the air with his drums, Tommy being lifted out into the audience, and more. Once again Eric and Tommy are amazing musicians and the people who hate them need to get a life. Without these two guys, KISS would probably be disbanded.

Paul was amazing on vocals on the songs that he sang. Even after forty years he still sounds like a rock star! They played “Heaven’s on Fire” which surprised me because a friend of mine told me that they are unlikely to play that song because Paul may not be able to hit the notes on that song anymore like he was able to in the past. Well when I heard them play the song I still think he sounded pretty good. I love how he also tried to get us engaged and get us cheering as loud as possible. Sometimes it took more than three tries for him to finally get us excited enough for the band to deliver the next part of the show. Why I even remember he got us to chant his name as loud as possible. I shouted his name as loud as I could for one of my friends who is a big fan of Paul. Then he swung out onto a separate stage from us when Love Gun was going to be played. I sang that song as best I could and it’s a catchy song.

Gene’s performance throughout the concert had me screaming like crazy no matter what he was doing whether he be sticking his tongue out at us or singing one of the songs. Just like Paul, Gene still sings great at the songs he sings even after forty years. As soon as I saw him take out the torch to breathe fire I started jumping up and down. He never ceases to excite me since he is my favorite member. Then I screamed even louder and started shouting “I love you Gene Simmons”. Then soon in no time it all, it was time for him to do his bass solo. That was the moment I was waiting for the most along with God of Thunder. Okay I lied I was only going to share one stage photo but just for the hell of it I’ll squeeze in this one which was taken during his bass solo. When he started I was jumping up and down and screaming happily shouting the same thing at least five times. Brayden started teasing me but I didn’t hear him. Then a bell rang and then Gene began to spit blood. I started screaming even more, sticking my tongue out and even shaking my head like the way he does when he spits blood. Then he flew up onto the lights and I cheered and screamed even more. Then as he stood up there soon God of Thunder began and I sang it as loud as I could because it is my favorite KISS song. I was dancing, spinning, and waving devil horns the entire time. I had had my fingers crossed that this song would be on the setlist; and it was. My throat hurts from screaming and I wonder if it is from this part of the concert because after that part I felt like I couldn’t scream as much anymore.

Eric & Tommy were awesome on stage. As soon as Tommy began singing “Outta This World” I sang along with him and felt like he had taken me outta this world that night. Eric is a great drummer and he delivers the beats to the songs really well too. 

I was expecting “Black Diamond” to be the final song since the way it ends sounds like the song that should be at the end of the setlist but instead it was played just before the three encore songs. Instead the last song was “Rock and Roll All Nite” one that everyone loves and is familiar with. Then after singing the song and rocking out for one last time Paul shouted out to us one more time and a sign said “KISS loves Toronto” then the stage went dark. All good things must come to an end which is sad especially if it’s something like this that you have been waiting for, for at least three months.

Above all I have to say that KISS delivers an amazing performance that blows you away whether you’re seeing them for the first time that night (like me) or you’ve seen them many times. It’s never a disappointment. It’s always an incredible show no matter how many times you’ve seen it. I had a wonderful time and I will never forget this night. I saw the hottest band in the world. KISS was never on my concert bucket list at first, but hey I can still say it makes part of my life complete! I got home at around midnight and have two souvenirs; my Monster tour shirt and my ticket. C’mon, you have to keep the ticket! It’s one of the best memorable items for events like these! I wrote a fan letter to KISS on their website to tell them my experience, I don’t think they actually answer the letters but I planned to do it anyway.

KISS, you guys rocked Toronto! Come back soon!


3 thoughts on “I Was Made For Lovin’ KISS”

  1. What a fantastic story!!!! I'm so glad you got to see them. I know how you felt, my first show 1982 CREATURES OF THE NIGHT..I was up at the very front, and man was it breathtaking!!! I had been a serious fan since the 70s and finally I got to see them..just before the makeup came of. So congrats to you!!!


  2. Thank you, yes it was a wonderful night. Sounds like you had a great time seeing them back in 1982 just before they took off the makeup. I hope to see them again one day.


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