A Prime to Dream About

It has been so long since I had a dream about him. Three years ago I was always wishing inside that I would dream about him every night because my heart was all about him at this time and my heart still beats for him today. Who? Optimus Prime, that’s who.

On those nights I would fall asleep just waiting to dream about him because I love him so much. It’s hard to explain love for a fictional character but I say that sometimes you take one good look at them, and you all of a sudden realize; that’s it. You love everything about them. This is not easy for me to confess because eventually haters will call me delusional, but this is my blog and I can write whatever I want so I’ll say it. Believe it or not but OP (I call him that a lot) was the first one to inspire me before Mr. Lordi. He is compassionate, brave, self-sacrificing, and strong. If he was real I would want to be related to him, friend or bond-mate. I think you were expecting me to say bond-mate weren’t you? He could protect me from the Decepticons. Well I’m not the type of gal who would change for him because why should I? He should accept/love me for who I am. Most of you would probably say he belongs with someone else or he shouldn’t have anybody because he wouldn’t want to put them in danger but hey here’s what I say to that: Your opinion’s noted and now you can go to hell.

Now since he isn’t real which I am clearly well aware of. He exists only in my heart and years ago nobody seemed to understand that except my closest friends. My family tried their very hardest to accept this part about me but at times it was like they thought I was living in my own world. But if there’s one thing parents will never understand it’s that there are many people out there like me who love at least on fictional character in their lives whether it be OP or something else and that we are well aware that they are not real but they are allowed to exist in our hearts.

So I had a dream about the powerful and wonderful Optimus Prime last night and I miss these dreams so much. Most of the time they don’t go the way I want them to. This one however turned out not to be too bad it actually took place in my neighborhood. I was riding in his truck and he was driving me to school. I think tons of other people on the road kept looking because they recognized him. Then he parked in the woods a short distance away from the school, transformed and said goodbye to me hoping I would have a good day. Then I kissed his metal cheek and he drove away as I went to school.

Did he pick me up at the end of the day? I woke up before that even happened but in my heart it happens. Once a Prime Lover, always a Prime Lover.

Now that’s a sweet dream and I love my nighttime movies when they feature fictional characters I like as well as musicians I look up to.


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