Wait For It….

If there’s one source I rely on for Lordi news faster than ever it’s Lordi Army. Been following that organization for almost a year now. There are times when I don’t look at their news and there are times when I want to but only if it means something I can be a part of when it comes to Lordi. Tour news? I stay out of it unless it includes my country. News of a new song? Sure, I’ll participate because it’ll be available to everyone.

Lordi Army delivers news faster than the band’s website managed by Amen does. Not saying Amen’s a lousy webmaster, just saying Lordi Army’s a lot faster. Oh that should go in to a poem!

Lordi Army’s been a part of me for a while and there are many fans on there that are good to me. Some of my closest Lordi friends I have met through this very source. Even Lordi Army’s president has been good to me.

The news I’ve heard now is a possibility of a world tour. I don’t know where Monsterknight gets this info so quickly but if it’s correct I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that if NA is part of this I don’t want it to be just in my country’s southern neighbor. Look, if this is for real and hopefully it is…all I want is a Lordi concert in Toronto. It doesn’t have to be at the same venue that I saw KISS at, but at least be somewhere reasonable so I can go. It would hurt like hell inside if I learned that it was USA only again just like back in 2008. If Lordi is really going to do this, is it too much to ask for just one show in the big city known as Toronto close to where I live so I can go down there to party with the supermonstars?

I guess I’ll just have to keep waiting for now if I want my question to be answered and that answer better not be something like “No”, “I hope so”,  or “Someday hopefully” all the time whenever I ask it.


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