Here We Go Again

Well it’s back to school for everyone tomorrow. Don’t you just hate it when the summer comes to an end? At first it felt like it was going by slowly in July when I was waiting to see KISS. But after the concert the rest of the summer whizzed by so quickly.

Lucky for me I only have two college courses to take for the rest of this year. The other two were picked up during the summer. Psychology was the hardest and I think it’s hard for everyone. My parents and my cousin had to take it and they didn’t do very well. But I managed to pass that course with 64% on the final test which is better than below 50. Oh well I’m glad I passed it and it’s over because I’m never taking it again, it’s not for me.

However I’m wondering what next year holds. I’ll be doing something different and doing a lot more too so hopefully I still have time to write on this blog when I’m not too busy in my college program next year. Oh don’t worry I’ll find the time to write on here next year. But let’s focus on right now.

I have to wake up early on Wednesday which sucks as hell but oh well it’s just like high school. And Friday is 11 till 2 which isn’t too bad. Well I had a good four weeks (I think it was four weeks) off. Here we go again.


P.S: Note to self, edit my Super Collider review on my spare time and re-publish it.

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