Society’s View on Certain Rock Bands: It Sucks

You know what really bothers me? Society, that’s what. Society is has been fucked up ever since I started high school five years ago and it remains bad today. Society has such a bad way of viewing things that are not in the mainstream and since I’m a total lover of my music I’m going to use music for this.

I’m probably the only person in my own family who doesn’t let the mainstream form opinions for me. For instance the opinions in the mainstream would have to be that rap music is what’s in, young artists like Justin Bieber with annoying fandoms, and boy bands like One Direction. I won’t say anything bad about these guys because I have a friend who likes 1D but I respect it about her because she is my friend and she’s not one of the extremely crazy fans. All of these examples would have to be what society thinks we should listen to. Meanwhile they look at certain rock bands (maybe not all of them like classic ones like Rush for instance) and immediately views them as bad influences, terrible music and concerts, and so on. This is what I hate the most.

Now it’s not that I put up with this in public when I walk the streets wearing a metal shirt surprisingly. Instead it’s mostly on the Internet and I’ve been seeing it on Facebook and Yahoo the most. Oh Yahoo, some people saw me leave a comment on some shitty pop news where I said that I would rather listen to metal than Carly Rae Jepsen. The replies were from people who have allowed society to form their opinions rather than allowing themselves to have their own different ones. One person said they hurt their ears and got a headache from listening to metal. Look pal, it’ll only damage your ears if you turn it up to maximum and not all metal is screaming. I listen to Nightwish and the singer doesn’t scream in the songs. Also what’s this I’m hearing about society thinking that Metalheads are depressive, anti-social and rude? That is so not true, I am a Metalhead and yes I wear black and rock band shirts a lot but if you talk to me I’m actually quite friendly and cheerful.

Those are just some basic examples. I’ll go into the most recent ones now that tie into the title of this entry. Society seems to look at certain rock/metal bands by their image and what they do on stage if they have seen videos, or have been to the concerts and immediately they view it as a bad thing. Take a look at KISS; anybody who isn’t a KISS fan or used to be a KISS fan but stopped being one once Ace & Peter left because they thought it wasn’t KISS anymore (which is fucking stupid because it’s still KISS even without them but clearly these people just don’t get it) looks at KISS in such a negative way through what they do, how they play, what they look like, and even what they choose to do when they’re not touring and making music. One thing that recently came across me was a news article on the concert in Toronto about how people who attended including myself were not allowed to have alcohol if they were wearing face paint. A lot of people found that rule at the venue to be stupid. I didn’t because I think that we don’t need to drink at a concert to have a good time. I came for KISS that night, I didn’t come to get wasted. Anyway, I found some of the comments on this Yahoo news article some of them were negative saying that KISS sucks. One person claims to have had a bad experience with KISS fans and thinks that KISS fans are pushy. Nonsense. Bronies are pushy, not KISS fans.

Here’s another KISS related example, I was on Facebook and saw Live Nation Ontario’s FB page post about KISS entering Ontario last month. I was pumped when I saw the status but before I could leave a comment saying that I was going to the Toronto show I scrolled through the comments and saw lots of people saying that their music was garbage, that they need to retire, that they haven’t been a band since Ace & Peter left, etc. Same thing happened on the Molson Amphitheater’s FB page back in May. Again, more opinions formed by the mainstream. Society seems to look at KISS and see them as a great thing that was only legendary back from 1974 – 1980. Remember my entry about how legends never die? That entry kind of ties into what I’m talking about here as well. KISS needs to retire? They’re not gonna retire if you people are going to continue to whine, lots of bands go on past their ages like this. Look at the Rolling Stones, they’re in their 70s and they’re still around. Maybe this is not a good comparison because people say the Stones care more about their music more than KISS does. I heavily disagree ever since I saw recent interviews with Gene & Paul where they said that they do love making music.

Now another example. Today on Yahoo I went to the answers forum to ask people why society hates bands with strong visual images so much. One person said that bands “prancing” around on stage is not what concerts should be about and compares that between Madonna and KISS since they both are known to dance and sing at the same time. You know what? That’s fucking ridiculous. Adding some things to a concert like running around playing your guitar, pyrotechnics, fake blood, etc. makes the show more exciting. Lordi also does this too as well as KISS. Amen does his mummy walk on the stage,  and Mr. Lordi rips the face off a criminal monster. Now that’s exciting. Society thinks that music has nothing to do with costumes, dressing up and dancing around on stage. If that’s true then perhaps Lady GaGa should be receiving more hate than love as well because she does that too just like KISS, Motley Crue, Black Veil Brides, Lordi and more do so. Yes it’s mainly about music but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it more fun by getting creative on your band’s visual side by dressing up a little bit. I’ll confess, back when I was 14 I had a fantasy of being a famous singer and instead of wearing a dress on stage for concerts I would be wearing a costume of some kind and the first costume I had in mind was a Pokemon one and then a Transformers one but I would still write good music for fans if I was a singer. So there.

It seems that society has a way of looking at these sorts of things but not looking through them to see what they really are. I look at Gene Simmons and I see right through him to what he really is while society only skims the surface of him and views him as a greedy cunt who doesn’t give a shit about fans and making music. I see through it by learning that Gene once said that he wouldn’t be where he is now if he weren’t for the fans. As for the greedy part, people just look at the negative things about him and refuse to realize that there is more to him than that for example.

As for concerts like bands who like to put on big performances like KISS, Rammstein, Lordi, GWAR, etc. society seems to think that bands like that do not care about their music, instead they care about their costumes, and stage effects. That is so not true and I wish everyone who says that should take it back because these bands do care about their music. They just like to make the crowd go wild whenever they come to perform. If you at some cool tricks, effects, outfits, etc. to your performance then people will have a good time rocking out to that as much as they enjoy the music itself.

I really wish society would stop being so against this type of music, it’s not satanic, it’s not damaging to the ears, it’s allowed to have costumes, dancing, pyrotechnics and other effects. That’s all I can say. Society stinks.


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