Think Before You Judge….Listen Before You Hate

In the typical world of heavy metal lots of people want everything to be perfect. As honest as I can put this there is no need for such a thing. It should be about as long as you enjoy it that’s all that matters. So what if the sound changes a little because the band decides to go from classic hard rock to a heavier sound? Or the band members change, or even the band itself has a strong visual images and they’re either a new band or a legendary band that has been around for decades.

Let me put it to you with the most recent thing I’ve been noticing.

This is Black Veil Brides. New band I’m guessing, don’t know when they came out. They remind me a lot of Motley Crue but a more Gothic version of Motley Crue.

Some Metalheads claim they will listen to any metal band except these guys. A few good friends of mine who live overseas from me like this band. I’m not a huge fan of them, I only heard one song by them and thought it was pretty good. Also I thought their image was pretty cool. I like Gothic style. But why say shit like that when you haven’t even given a band like this a chance? If I started listening to these guys more often and started to really like them I don’t want people to judge me for it. So some metal musicians choose to look more like Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield while other metal musicians wanna go hardcore with the image like Gene Simmons, Mr. Lordi, Abbath, etc.

Yet this band still gets hate because of their image. And most of this hate comes from people who can’t stand bands like KISS & Motley Crue which happen to be two of my many favourite bands. Image I could care less about, the music is more important. In fact in all honesty here I actually like this band’s image. Why if I was a really big fan of them I would dress like them and not give a shit what society says. Just like I would put on a KISS shirt in public and not give a shit what people say unless it’s something positive.
I’m not a fan of BVB….yet to say the least but maybe someday I could be part of the fandom. But for now I am not going to hate on this band because hating is pointless. I’ll just let this band and their fans do their thing and if I become part of the fandom someday; Great. If not then I still won’t hate on this band and their fans.
That is why I say, think before you judge and listen to the music before you hate. Don’t let the mainstream form opinions for you.

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