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Nightwish 1-Year Anniversary Concert Experience

I just realized that today: September 20th is actually a day that brings back memories from the same day last year. Last year on this very day I went to see Nightwish live in Toronto. I was just getting in to Nightwish around that time and my friend who is a really big symphonic metal fan heard they were coming to Toronto so he invited me to go with him.

I didn’t know Nightwish very well back then, I only knew one good song by them so far. Just like Lordi, they are from Finland but they tour internationally. On their North American tour last year they had only two stops in Canada but we made it to the Toronto show last year. Now the Nightwish concert I went to on this very day last year was more than just a concert, it was my first metal concert ever.

I remember it was at the Toronto Sound Academy. A much smaller venue than the Molson Amphitheater. We got there and we were standing in line outside the venue for about an hour and didn’t get inside until after the sun set. We were standing in the general admission floor. I felt kind of squished where I was standing. The opening band was Kamelot which combines symphonic and heavy metal in their music. They were awesome. Then when Nightwish hit the stage it was an amazing show. I still remember catching glimpse of Marko from where I was standing: A few rows back surprisingly. Turns out when they played “Storytime” which was their first song, Marco actually smiled at us, or at least I think; I think he was smiling at my friend because he knew the words to the song and was singing along. I didn’t know any of the lyrics so I just jumped waving devil horns but I sang “Amaranth” when they played it.

There was no mosh pit in the crowd at this gig, I don’t think I want to be in a mosh pit. Most metal pages I follow view moshing as the typical metal behavior but in reality sometimes it can turn dangerous, someone can get hurt.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos taken from this gig. I was lucky enough to see Nightwish just before Anette left and Floor took her place. I have no favourite vocalist of this band to be honest. I own two albums: Imaginarium and Dark Passion Play. My favourite song is “Meadows of Heaven”

Realizing that today last year was when I saw Nightwish brings back so much memories when it was my first metal concert. I’m sure I may see them again someday and I hope that when they return to North America I hope they do more shows in other parts of this country, I have a friend who is a big Nightwish fan and I helped him co-write one entry on his blog that is about changes in certain rock band fandoms.

That’s it for now, I’m getting a new laptop in a few days and this time it’s better than my old one.


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