Memorable Movies: The Secret of NIMH

With nothing to do on a Sunday night like last night, after spending a day at Wonderland with a friend I decided to sit down and watch a classic movie that I used to love as a child. So I turned to The Secret of NIMH.

One movie that my brother and I loved when we were kids. It’s not very often that I go back to movies like this and watch them again to relive the memories. In fact, sometimes the memories are not even restored because they were never lost in the first place. I don’t think many people would remember this movie as much as I do. I’m pretty sure they remember the basic details. I often find myself remembering the entire story and the names of most of the characters.

There were often parts of this story that I did not understand as a child but I understand them now. For instance; what NIMH did to those rats, which turns out they were given injections and they became intelligent and escaped the facility, but then again there’s that side effect; they can’t live like ordinary rats anymore so they steal electricity and live in the rosebush. I can’t imagine it at first but now I can. 
Now that I understand the story better of this movie I have to say the story has got me pretty hooked. As a child you don’t get some of the basic parts and then years later you watch the movie again and then you realize “Oh so that’s what that is.” or “So that’s why that happened.” We may interpret it like that too when we are children but it’s more frequent once we’re grown up and decide to go down memory lane. 

Most of the characters in this movie I really like. Mrs. Brisby I found her to be your typical caring mother, somewhat worrying but she can be brave at times especially near the end of the movie. She proves that she can be brave and save her family in the end. At times she’s quite timid but also assertive, and willing to protect her family at any cost.

Nicodemus is another favorite of mine, probably at the top of the list; wise, kind, and at first I never realized at first that he was the leader before his death. When he was killed I nearly cried. I guess he was one of those characters I became quite attached to because of personality and a strange but unique appearance. Also his name is darn interesting for some reason but maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. I seem to have a thing for movie characters with uncommon names and unique image in their looks, no matter the personality or even species.
Also, who can’t resist a character like Justin in this movie? Brave, honest, and he’s the kind of character who saves the day. He was my brother’s favorite at one point but I doubt he even remembers that. I think Justin was the perfect male hero type of character. As for Jenner, the villain, I found him to be quite the evil one. Even though his plan was quite simple: Kill Nicodemus, take over and prevent the rats from leaving for Thorn Valley which they were planning to go to ’cause well the humans were going to find out soon why their electrical supplies are being stolen but then again when the Brisby house has to be moved that’s where he changes his plan a little. Still, he’s got the looks of a good villain as well as the personality with the black cape and all. Some people would probably compare him to Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective since they are both rats and villains wearing black capes.
Then there’s the great owl. Yes he does look a lot like Nicodemus. Apparently it was Don Bluth’s idea to give these two characters similar looks such as the glowing eyes, the eyebrows and mustaches. Talk about creativity. Now the great owl went on my favorites list as well. Probably because of his deep voice and wise words. When I was a child I thought that Nicodemus was a smaller version of the great owl since they are almost identical. But I didn’t become as attached to the great owl as much as I did to Nicodemus. 
To be honest I really like the story of this movie even though it’s quite simple once you know it well enough. It’s like any problem that would be faced in any animated movie that revolves around animals like mice. Only this story may take a little bit longer for you to understand at a young age just like the first Atlantis movie. So we’ve got a mouse family living in a cinder block in a farm field and they want to move out because it’s almost plowing time. But then complications arise when one of the family members falls seriously ill and can’t get out of bed so no wonder after Mrs Brisby and Auntie Shrew disable the tractor the great owl advises Mrs. Brisby to get the rats from the rosebush to move her house with their technology. I never really could get around to where the house was really moved in the end. Was it moved out of the field entirely or was it moved under that stone in the field so it can be more protected from the tractor when it plows the field? A question of my life but hey, there are so many things that go unanswered and this might just be one of them!
I still love this movie and when I started to remember it a few months back I told myself that I was going to watch it again someday, and I did and I love the memories it brings. 

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