Fallen in Love with a Metal God, We Must Learn to Share

I’ve fallen in love with so many metal legends and some unknown over the past year and a half: Mr. Lordi, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Tommy Thayer, Mick Thomson and Andreas Deris. I know there’s more to the list but I decided to put in just a few. Now most people would often see this particular thing more common among teenage girls ages 14 – 18 who are single, rather than it being common for younger women ages 20 – 30 or even higher in some cases who are either single or married with children.
But I can officially say that that is not true because I’ve met many women my age and older who are in love with rock stars as well be it someone I love too or not. There are basic musicians who we ladies fall in love with at any age and then there are big metal legends out there that lots of metal chicks swoon over and now, here is the one metal god that I most recently melt over along with millions of other girls:

Yes it’s Dave Mustaine, the super hot lead guitarist and vocalist of Megadeth. Some things that make me attracted to him romantically, is his irresistable smile and beautiful flaming hair. Also in his personality is that I love how he’s determined to make Megadeth successful, he even wishes Metallica should fail, hahahahaha! Some people would often label him as a bit of a jerk sometimes because they may have met him and got the brush-off treatment. That’s common for rock stars but that’s just life to me. Perhaps inside Dave is kind-hearted inside but we Megafans may not see it.
However, the reason why I am writing about Dave is not because of the fact that I am now in love with him as I am with Mr. Lordi, Gene Simmons and all the others. I can always make another entry dedicated to how hot I think Dave is later. What this entry really is about is dealing with other metal chicks who are romantically attracted to Dave as well. As far as I’m concerned, most of the metal chicks I’ve met who are in love with Dave, their ages are around 14 – 16 and most of them will often express their love for Dave like any normal person would. That I don’t have a problem with because well every metal chick that loves him has a right to do that, but when they start to say things like “I am actually married to Dave, he is my husband!” and with these words they may make fake marriage certificates, and pictures using Photoshop or other picture editing tools claiming these are licenses giving “proof” that they are married to Dave, that I do have a problem with. Not just that, they may also say disturbing things that they want to do with Dave, for example: suck his dick, have intercourse of any kind, etc. Okay, maybe saying they want sexual intercourse with him is not completely inappropriate but it depends on the type of intercourse. There are even some metal chicks who have seen Megadeth live and will sometimes go as far as to strip down in front of Dave when he is on stage. That is a sign of complete uncontrolled obsession or drunk insanity. If I see Megadeth live one day I will not strip down in front of Dave to show my love for him, instead I will just scream how much I love him just like I did with Gene when I saw KISS this year. On top of that, some of these teenage girls may approach other metal chicks (younger or older) that are in love with Dave and wish they could be married to him and/or say that he is their husband too in their own heart/imagination, and they tell them to not steal Dave from them because they believe that Dave belongs to them and only them. The truth is that in my case: I am in love with Dave Mustaine, I am married to him in my heart and imagination just like with Mr. L, Gene, and the others I love, when I imagine myself with him I imagine myself kissing him and being held in his arms and maybe making love but I have no desire to fantasize about sucking on his dick, anal sex/oral sex and I’m not afraid to tell people about it, but if other young metal chicks who love him think that I’m trying to steal Dave from them because they are so overly protective and make false claims that he is their husband, the reality is that none of us are married to Dave and even if we make false certificates and pictures to claim the marriage is real it will never be real. It will only exist in our hearts, and none of us are stealing him from one another because he doesn’t belong to just one of us. He belongs to all metal chicks that love him and we must learn to share him and recognize that is not just one person who likes to imagine themselves married to him. 
Also when we are in love with a rock star we need to recognize the boundaries. The sad and unfortunate truth is that Dave has a family. For young metal chicks that love him, that information may be hard to accept due to the level of obsession for him. Why I remember back when I was first falling in love with Mr. Lordi it took me a couple of months to get over the fact that he was married but then I learned from a friend of mine that his wife is very kind to the fans so I quickly was able to accept the reality, and when I fell in love with Gene I was able to do the same thing with his wife Shannon. We will always have the right to love a rock star even if they are married but we must recognize that and respect it. It’s okay to not particularly like a band member’s love interest but it’s not okay to try and split them apart as I said in an earlier entry about Mr. Lordi and Gene.
I have befriended a few metal chicks who are in love with Mr. Lordi and Gene for example and instead of fighting over them, we accept that we both love them and we have conversations about how hot we think they are. I wish that the same thing could happen with Dave but I don’t know if this is ever going to happen unless these young teenage girls start to act a little more mature with their love for Dave. 
Now this entry is not meant in any way to hate on younger metal chicks who love this metal guitar God known as Dave because we are all allowed to love him. There is nothing wrong with loving him in general and imagining he’s your husband in your heart. But there is something wrong with taking it over the top by saying he only belongs to you/giving proof for that, wanting to do something inappropriate with him, and disrespecting his wife.
I hope that someday anyone who loves him and has these issues is able to wake up and face the facts that there are boundaries that need to be recognized in this and that they are not the only ones with feelings for him.
I love Dave, he’s one of the hottest musicians from the big 4 I have ever seen and I am hoping to see Megadeth live in the future.

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