Good Weather Incoming?

Hey it’s been a while. Sometimes I think I forget to blog on here regularly. I still have to write about “KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park” on here but I can’t find a good image to go with that entry so that entry has been postponed until then.

Anyway, today I went down to Party Max to pick up my Halloween costume. I remember walking in there two weeks ago looking for a Gene Simmons costume and I had to order a girl’s version of the costume. Then while I was at my cottage for the Thanksgiving weekend they called me and said it arrived so I dropped in today to pick it up. I tried it on this afternoon and it fits, it’s a mid-thigh black dress with demon wing sleeves. Fits pretty well I must say, you will see pictures on Halloween or the day after I promise.

Now, just like with the KISS concert I am once again holding a big concern for the weather. I would rather have it cloudy than rainy if there won’t be any sunshine on Halloween. Looking at two different weather sites like I did last time they give me different results. Only one of them had the possible forecast for Halloween and it’s cloudy with a chance of showers at about 56%. That is exactly what it said when I checked it for the day of the KISS concert three weeks before the event.

Seriously, the weather better be good on Halloween because I’m not going to stay inside all day in my costume, I’m gonna want to go up to my college and hang out there in my costume, hoping that I’m not the only one dressed up.


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