KISS Needs the RRHOF

On most recent events, KISS has been nominated along with several other bands to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. What is my reaction to this? My reaction is, give to them they deserve this fame through all their success. Many people have also complained about why this has not happened to the band yet and that it needs to happen like, now let’s say. Well it should shouldn’t it? I have voted for them and they have my full support as always. 

But Nirvana appears to be getting more votes than them at this moment. All I can say is what the hell? As a KISS fan that is my reaction to that cause well I don’t listen to Nirvana because well they just aren’t my thing. I prefer KISS over them. I won’t be upset if they beat KISS but still, inside I may think “No this isn’t what I wanted and probably what a lot of other people didn’t want either.”
The conflict I’m seeing here is who should be included if KISS wins. On a forum that I occasionally visit everyone is saying just the original four. The truth is that this forum is (from my experience) is chock full of older KISS fans who are stuck in the 70’s with the original lineup. Well I guess there is some point in here saying only this lineup should get in because of the fame and impact but the reason why I do not fully agree with this is because not only do I also love the other lineups with an exception of Vinnie Vincent, but also the current lineup for instance has had a lot of impact and success as well in the long term run. Think about it, Eric Singer has been in band even longer than Peter Criss ever was, and Ace well he was there for the same amount of time except two extra years after Peter’s departure. Eric & Tommy’s contributions involves more than just a few albums. Tommy’s helped out with a helluva lot of stuff the band needed to continue so I think he deserves some share in this. However there are too many crybabies on that forum who disagree with me. Their loss and even if I explain to them my reasons (which I actually tried doing today) they will just continue to state “facts” why those two “imposters” do not deserve this which is a disgrace.
Anyway, I won’t be extremely pissed if only the original four are included cause c’mon the original four is a great lineup that will always hold a place in my heart as part of being a KISS fan but I feel like the others who have contributed to the band as band members should get some credit and award or whatever for this too if they actually make it. One can hope that they get into that hall of fame this year, but one thing is certain is that there will always be whiners, even in this particular case if they do get in and that does not go 100% percent the way the crybabies expect it they will start saying things like “Why are Eric & Tommy in there!?!?” for example, ugh I don’t want to think about it.
It would be perfect to have a band I truly love get something like this, and even if they don’t win this year they’re still the hottest band in the world which I love with all my heart and soul, and they will continue to be successful till the day of retirement.

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