KISS vs. KISS Phantoms in the Park

Who would’ve thought that KISS would get their own motion picture one day? I don’t think anyone believed it at first but it happened. This movie KISS is in was made before Detroit Rock City. A few weeks back I went over to my friend’s house to watch it with him. Now I’ll tell you what I think.

Comparing this flick to Detroit Rock City, I have to say that KISS has much bigger roles in this movie. You can see that they actually have lines in this movie and that they even have super powers, with talismans that store their powers. I found that to be just what they needed for this movie because when you look at KISS sometimes you can imagine them being superheros. It’s quite interesting to actually give them that. Some of their powers were not a surprise to me like Gene breathing fire obviously. The rest was quite unexpected, Ace was able to teleport and Paul could shoot lasers.

The plot centers around Abner who works the park Six Flags Magic Mountain and after a series of misfortunes from his boss, and plots to get rid of KISS and everyone else he swears to have revenge on after these misfortunes occur. He creates androids of people or he takes the real person and turns them into androids. Then comes in the part that I found rather invading is when a girl named Melissa gets separated from her boyfriend Sam and she won’t stop until she finds him. She goes as far as to ask Abner where he is but he hides Sam from her as he is turning him into android, and then she goes even further as to try and get backstage with KISS to ask them where he has gone. KISS even decides to help her look at one point.

The most epic part of this movie was when Abner begins to slowly unleash his KISS androids upon the park starting with his android of Gene and then the real KISS are almost blamed for the damage done last night. Then the band is seen wandering the park alone at night and they come across Abner’s minions and fight them off until they are captured and lose their powers. Then enter the fake KISS goes on stage and plays a parody of Hotter than Hell called Rip and Destroy to I am guessing, take over the park or tear it down until the real KISS appears, fights them off, Sam and Melissa are reunited and no one knows what happened to Abner. All ends well.

One thing I do like about this movie is not only did KISS seem to have bigger roles but also there were many KISS songs played in this movie, my friend and I were watching the European version of this movie so as a result there were a lot of songs played that were from the solo albums which I recognized except for Peter’s since his solo album is the only one I don’t have yet. I also found that from the version of the movie that I saw, some of Ace’s lines were cut out because in the American version he has some funny lines according to my friend. There was also an echo in Gene’s voice in this movie which I never really understood to be honest.

From what I’ve heard is that KISS never really enjoyed playing their roles in this movie and that reason is unknown to me at this moment. If I ever meet KISS in the future I will make sure not to mention this movie to them.

Aside from that, I did enjoy this movie really well as I love seeing KISS on the big screen doing whatever be it acting, playing a show or talking in an interview.


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