Tommy Thayer’s Haters Cross the Line/The Original Line up Not in the RRHOF

As much as it pains me to have to put up with all the crybabies on the Internet that can’t get over the fact that Tommy Thayer is the new spaceman things can get even worse sometimes. I find myself literally blocking the idiots on Facebook who continue to bash this totally awesome guitarist just because he’s wearing face paint that used to belong to Ace Frehley, that way I don’t have to see their comments when a picture of Thayer or Singer appears on the page.

It’s totally fine to miss the original line up. I understand that because the original line up of KISS will always be in my heart, but I understand why it’ll never reunite again; coming from words of Gene Simmons himself it appears that Ace & Peter are happy doing their own thing but then cue the morons who even hate on Gene for what he says, I guess that’s common and doesn’t bug me as much because Gene is known for speaking his mind even if it means those words will offend a lot of people; especially the big Ace/Peter fans who are so protective of Ace & Peter and defend them like they are our saviors.

But to whine about it online continuously every time a picture of Thayer or Singer pops up on the band’s Facebook page is a sign that you have no life. It doesn’t matter how you whine about it, whether you say “fake frehley” or post a paragraph of a rant on how much this line up sucks and should be discontinued or the makeup should be ditched or changed that means you have no life. The simplest way to get past it without annoying millions of other fans who don’t care which clown paint is on which band member is to leave and find another band to listen to.

Today unfortunately, as usual the KISS Facebook page puts up a nice photo of Thayer signing his signature guitar which is a Epiphone. Cue the same ten to thirty whining bastards who not only put the typical insults but even start saying that Ace’s Gibson is better. The one comments that piss me off the most are some of the really serious ones, for instance one hater says he wants to take Tommy’s guitar and smash it on Tommy’s head. That’s a threat, and hey, I may not like My Little Pony but I don’t venture on to their Facebook pages saying I want to punch the fuck out of every pony I see. Also some other haters say that true KISS fans should whine about someone else wearing something that is formerly Ace’s. What the fuck? That makes no sense, I would rather be a true KISS fan by focusing on what really matters when it comes to KISS which is the music. I don’t care if Tommy’s wearing Spaceman makeup the same as Ace or he’s got a big red clown nose on his face. As long as he continues to help keep KISS going and makes good music then I’m happy and I’ll continue to buy the music and go to the concerts.

What pisses me off even more is that these crazy idiots start to attack younger new fans thinking we refuse to see the “truth” which is Ace is the only one who belongs. This is cyberbullying in my view.

In other recent news I just read that if KISS wins induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year, the original line up will not be reunited for this event nor will they tour together again like they did years ago. Once again cue the haters who bash Gene for this since he’s the one who let this news out. It’s true that Ace and Peter helped KISS reach super-stardom but the fact of the matter is that they eventually started to put themselves before the band when they were supposed to be working together, and not getting along with Gene & Paul at the same time as time went by. I guess I can understand what Gene says about this (except for the cancer part which he mentions which I don’t get at all because Peter for instance survived breast cancer, unless what Gene means to say by this is that if those two were still in the band they would be a cancer to the band and cause them to cease continuing on) because those two are happy doing their own thing. But there are still people aching in their bones and crying as if KISS is not a band anymore since those two left. Newsflash: They chose to leave, if you think KISS is not KISS without them then perhaps you never were a fan. Yes, Ace and Peter did help create KISS but in these cases Gene and Paul were the ones who were more committed to success and that’s what should be expected when you’re in a rock band.

If I was unhappy with all these changes I would have gladly stopped being a fan but instead what I have chosen to do is remain strong in the KISS Army and stay a fan because I love being a KISS fan, through all the line-up changes, Gene’s words even if they are self-centered, and so on.

Honestly, I really wish the whining would just stop. This is the way KISS is now. Just be glad they’re still around as I’ve said numerous times. The makeup isn’t changing and Paul has reasons for that being so. What Ace and Peter have done is great and they’re great guys with talent but to say the band is not a band anymore because of their departure is blasphemy, it’s still KISS.


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