Screemers on Saturday Night

I didn’t get a chance to write about this event the day after it happened because I slept in and got distracted with other stuff during my reading week.

Last week, me and my friends were planning to go to the Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland but due to the rainy weather we decided to go to Screemers at the Canadian National Exhibition because it was an indoor event.
This was one of the best nights out with the girls I ever had, it started off a little screwed up because of the weather. We got there an hour early and the place wasn’t open until seven. We were standing out in the cold rain and we had to go elsewhere into Toronto to eat. Then we got back to the place at eight. But it shouldn’t matter if plans start off crappy when you’re hanging out with the girls, as long as you’re spending time together that’s all that matters.

So this Screemers place basically is a bunch of haunted mazes you get to walk through. The good thing about this place was that it was an adults only event so we didn’t have to worry about screaming little kids and bratty teenagers. There were five mazes we could walk through and each had their own theme and even though the line ups were really long it was totally worth it because we all got scared out of our pants! We were allowed to walk through the mazes together which I guess was good because we probably wouldn’t be able to handle going in alone. I’m pretty brave, I can watch a scary movie even if a few parts make me jump inside. If I was a total chicken then I would have not gone inside any of the mazes. But I did and live to tell the tale.

The first maze we went into was the Slasher Wax museum which consists of some classic horror movie characters like Chuckie and Freddy Krueger. Now the one thing that makes all these mazes scary is that you’re walking through them and the people dressed up as monsters will ambush you and always succeeded in making us scream but jumping out at us, flashing themselves out of darkness and well you get it don’t you? They even would stare at us silently as we walked by. We couldn’t walk through these mazes without holding hands! We wanted to stick together so that was our best option. I remember jumping at the sight of Chuckie when it looked like he chased us out of the room and when I saw Freddy I thought he was gonna claw me!

The next maze was House of Cards which was a 3D haunted Alice in Wonderland theme. A lot of the people in there were dressed as scary versions of the characters which made me jump especially during the first part, we also almost got lost in the final part of the maze which was a flashing room.

Skull Castle and the Haunted House we did next. Between these two mazes it was a tie in my opinion on how scary they were. I remember while walking through the haunted house I had a staring contest with one of the creepy guys in there that was looking over a ledge as we were walking into the next room. Also the people with chainsaws scared the hell out of me even though those chainsaws weren’t real.

The Darkness I’d say was the scariest one we ever went in. Why? Because unlike the other mazes this one is pitch black, there is occasionally a light to help you see where you’re going but it is most likely that when there is a flash of light something pops out at you without warning. Now you know why the call it The Darkness, and this was probably why the line up for this maze was the longest. We were walking through this one sticking extra close together because we didn’t want to get lost. Now did you think that when I went to bed tonight I slept with the lights on because I was scared of the monsters from that maze coming at me once my room is dark enough for them? Hell no, I can get spooked that causes me to jump inside and/or scream but that doesn’t mean I turn down the opportunity to walk through a haunted house or I sleep with the lights on for a few nights to avoid incoming monsters and nightmare. I’ll be honest here, I love a good nightmare once in a while but it depends on what the nightmare is about.

The final maze of the night was outdoors and it was supposed to be called the Maniac Maze but the name was changed to which I forget that name. This one was full of crazy people scaring us and a lot of them had chainsaws and other pretend weapons even guns (not real obviously)

Then after we were done we rode a few of the rides that were open for us. What was really cool about this was that when it was our turn on the rides our ride was longer than usual. Lucky us.

I got home late after midnight and slept until ten in the morning. Definitely the most haunted night of my life, I would definitely do this again next year.


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