Halloween 2013: The Devil is Me

Happy Halloween! Today was a filled with loads of fun. It started off crappy because the morning just had to be started off with pouring rain. I decided today I would go to my college today for a small party with some friends. I arrived early with my costume hiding under my coat and put on the makeup when I arrived. The great thing about college is that you are not the only one who dresses up on Halloween. There were lots of students in costumes today.

Yeah you figured this didn’t you? I bought myself a Gene Simmons costume at Party Max three weeks ago. It’s a good thing these costumes come in girl’s fit and that Secret Wishes (a company that makes sexy women’s costumes has KISS costumes) the only thing I was missing was the platform boots because I couldn’t afford them. Oh well, I’m still your Goddess of Thunder and rock & roll!
I got so many stares and compliments today while roaming the campus. Everyone knew who I was pretty much. Even if you’re not a KISS fan you should easily recognize KISS when you see them! And Gene is the most recognizable of them all. At the small party I went to we were just chatting and eating candy. My counselor loved my costume. I think he knew I was going to be Gene this year. I’ve always wanted to be him, ever since the first day I became a KISS fan. One of the funniest moments today was that after I went to the party today, someone selling comic books along with his friends saw me and asked me to sing Strutter; a classic KISS song from their debut album. (also one of my favourite songs on the debut album) But before I could start singing he asked me to pull out my Ax bass! Hahahaha, I wish I could. I would love to own one of Gene’s bass guitars, maybe I’ll go with the Ax if I consider it. But the Punisher looks nice too. So I sang Strutter for him. He must’ve been a big KISS fan. 
Another funny moment was when I went to Timmy’s to get something to drink the cashier asked me to stick my tongue out for him. I wish I could wiggle it when I do so as well like Gene does. People say mine’s pretty long actually, it’s almost close to the real thing! Also one of the guys at the party I was at made a joke with me when he saw my costume he asked me to sign his belly, which is a common thing you would ask someone famous to do! For me I wonder if Gene would be okay if I asked him to sign the back of my shoulder if I meet him and then I’ll tattoo it there. 
Honestly I love Halloween, and I love dressing up in a costume. Halloween only comes once a year so you might as well take advantage of it if you enjoy it. I don’t trick-or-treat anymore but I wear a costume anyway, even if I’m not going out. I have lots of pictures of myself today, if you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably seen all of them. 
Now tonight, it’s time to give out candy to the kids, if the weather stays nice hopefully.

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