My Bucket List

Greetings everyone, I feel like sharing with you the things I must do before I die. A good friend of mine named Jason inspired me to share this. I read his blog and I saw him list his own bucket list. He and I became friends through our common interests in KISS, Lordi, and Nightwish. You can read his blog here: Random Rants | The Blog
Also, earlier he asked me to assist him in writing his entry on what it’s like to be fans of the three bands we both love and dealing with the changes. I believe he was inspired to write this after he read my story about my experience in the KISS Army. You can read his entry with my assistance here: The Difficulty In Loyalty

Now onto my own bucket list, I’ve been hoping to share it soon and now I shall:

1. See Lordi live:

I’ve been dreaming about this for a whole year now, but it feels longer to me. It has been and probably still will be difficult for me to miss out when fans go to see them and meet them. Lordi holds a special place in my heart and of all the bands I have listened to in the past two years. Lordi is one of the ones I love the most. I want to see them live because of their theatrics, music, and their kindness towards the fans which adds to why I want to meet them as well, and Mr. Lordi is one of my idols. If I am ever to make this dream come true I may have to do it the hard way if they don’t start touring over here. I’ll have to go to Europe, and it won’t be cheap I’ll guarantee you that. It doesn’t matter where I go in Europe to make this happen be it France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, etc. as long as I get to see them. This dream has been on the top of my bucket list and it will stay at the top until it is accomplished.
2. See KISS live again/KISS Kruise or KISS meet & greet:
I know I’ve already seen KISS live, but inside I have the desire to experience more big things out of being a KISS fan. There’s so much more I can do yet the cost for it is high. I would like to see KISS again one day but next time I would like to be in the front row or at least close to the front. Not saying that my view from where I was at the concert this year was bad cause I could still see and hear them pretty well, but I want to get an even better experience out of a KISS concert, and the only way to do that is to be in the front. In order for this to be accomplished I will have to buy tickets very early, and maybe even earlier than last time just to confirm good seats. I also have a strong desire to either go on the KISS Kruise or a meet & greet. I know I’ve said before that I would never overpay to meet someone I admire, but sometimes they say the splurge is worth it in the end. My desire to meet the band (especially Gene) has grown over the past few months. I know I said that I would rather not get my heart broken by Gene but I’ve learned from good friends that have met him that, he is very kind to the fans after all. I am most likely to choose the meet & greet over the Kruise since it doesn’t cost as much. I am hoping that KISS is still around or Gene is still in the band by the time I actually have enough money to make this happen.
3. See Megadeth live:
My favourite band out of the big four thrash has always been Megadeth. Although I do like Metallica as well, I’ve loved Megadeth’s music a lot more so they are without a doubt on my bucket list. I missed their last concert here because I was on vacation and I cannot miss it next time. These guys are legends especially Dave and Junior. I even enjoyed Super Collider as much as their other thrash albums they have released. Seeing this band live shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish because they tour this continent. Maybe not Canada as often as the states but if I have to cross the border to see them one day then I will.
4. Travel to Europe: 
Even before I became a Lordi fan, I’ve always wanted to go to Europe. There’s so much to see there from what I’ve heard, and there are many countries I want to visit. I would like to go to Finland, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain…..actually I’d go all over the whole continent if I could! I also know a bunch of Lordi fans from various countries in Europe and I am hoping to meet up with them someday. I would like to see some popular European attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, The Coliseum, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, and more. I know it’s really expensive to travel from here to anywhere in Europe. I will definitely want to go to Finland first so I can keep an eye out for anything heavy metal in Helsinki and visit the Lordi Square in Rovaniemi. 
5. Attend BotCon:
As a 4-year long Transformers fan I’ve been hearing things about a Transformers convention called BotCon. Since then I’ve wanted to go to one of those conventions for quite some time. I’ve never been to convention before and I would like to soon. I may even have a chance of meeting one of the voice actors of a Transformer at a convention like this. The voice actor I want to meet the most is Peter Cullen. He voices Optimus Prime, and from what I’ve heard, he’s really sweet to the fans. He’s also Canadian too! No guarantee he’ll be at the first BotCon I go to but I can always hope. If he’s not there then I’ll find another exciting thing to enjoy at the convention. Depending on the location of where the convention is, I am hoping it is not too far away. I would like to also go to other conventions and fan expos in the future because they may have other featured guests that I want to meet.
6. Eat at Rock & Brews: 
A new restaurant spreading throughout the states found by Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley, I’ve now developed the desire to eat there one day. However, the main reason why I would like to dine at this place one day is not because it was found by my two favourite rock stars. The real reason why I would like to eat there is because every time I go out to eat with my family, I find myself unsatisfied with the entertainment. The food I have never had an issue with. If I go out to eat at Boston Pizza for example I always find what I want on the menu but the entertainment offered while waiting for my meal is not what I like. It’s always sports on the screens and mainstream music playing on the speakers. I have heard stories that Rock & Brews might actually play music that I like and have things on the screens that I can actually enjoy watching. I’m the only person in my family who doesn’t like sports and I like a little bit of mainstream music but not enough of it to keep myself occupied while I wait for my dinner or lunch to be served to me. Going to a restaurant is not just about what you eat there. It’s also about having a good time and I want to be able to do that by being able to socialize about more than just sports and be able to enjoy the environment there more. I am hoping this place opens locations in Canada soon and hopefully not to far from where I live, cause I think if there was one in my hometown then completing this objective won’t be too difficult.
7. Ride the Transformers Ride at Universal Studios:
Ever since this attraction opened in Universal Studios a few years ago, I have wanted to ride it for a long time now. I want to feel what it’s like to be in the middle of a Autobot vs. Decepticon showdown and this is not the same as the time I went to see Dark of the Moon in 3D two years ago. This might be even better. In order to make this happen I will have to go to either Universal Studios in California or Florida. There’s also one in Singapore but I would rather go to one slightly closer to here.
8. Visit Beverly Hills and Hollywood Walk of Fame:
First off I would love to visit Beverly Hills. I have heard it is a beautiful town and if there’s one thing certain places have such as that it’s mostly shopping. Also…now don’t think this is stalking but I know that Gene Simmons lives in Beverly Hills and perhaps there is a chance of me bumping into him while I’m there so you never know. I would also love to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you know, that path with the stars of different actors, artists/bands, and even TV show characters. I know without a doubt that a lot of my favourite stars, and bands will have their own stars on this walkway. I heard the Supremes have their own star. My mom grew up with that group and she has loved them until this day. Also KISS has their own star which I would love to see. When I find it on this walkway I will want someone to take a picture of me sitting next to it. These two tasks should not be too hard to accomplish to fly over to LA (but it might be tricky to try and run into Gene!). Might still be expensive though but I’ve always wanted to go to this part of the states because of the fame found there and it’s always warm there.
So that’s my bucket list right now, it might be updated over time and hopefully I’ll be able to scratch off these events once I am able to make them happen.

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