Transformers Age of Extinction First Look and Thoughts

It’s finally happened. There’s finally been some view on what things are going to look like in the next Transformers movie coming out sometime next year. 
Here are my thoughts: Optimus Prime’s new look will take some time for me to embrace because his previous movie look is what made me fall in love and idolize him since I was 16. I’m not sure how long it will take to love his new look, but we’ll see. I have seen that Bay has not disposed of the kick-ass flame pattern, but you can barely see it in robot form. Some fans don’t want Optimus to have lips underneath his mask this time. Am I the only person who wants him to have a mouth, nose and other human-ish facial features? Sure as hell looks like it to me. Now I am going to speak Prime-Lover language here: His facial features are attractive. 

The only actor I recognize is Mark Walhberg who I have seen from the movie Ted. He’s a pretty good actor. I was hoping to not give a shit about the human characters but now that I see a woman on there she might cause me to start giving a shit. I don’t know who she is but if she is going to be that whiny bitch who gets herself captured, shows off her chest and ass to distract us, and only is Walhberg’s character’s girlfriend then I will pissed at Bay…..again. I get how it’s common to squeeze in the romance into action movies but some people make a big deal out of the romance and forget what it’s really about. If this woman plays a soldier or someone working with N.E.S.T or whatever then maybe I’ll like her. But if she’s just the girlfriend and gets her hands dirty a little bit but nothing big enough that has impact on the war like Mako Mori from Pacific Rim or Neytiri from Avatar then I will be very displeased.
Seriously, this movie better not be a disappointment. I watch for Optimus Prime and his comrades. Not for humans. There are tons of human movies I can watch for humans. But not this one. I think it’s time for someone else to step in and direct these flicks. If I was a director I would have done it.
This will be all the industry’s fault if they ruin another TF movie for me with another shitty female protagonist, too many human scenes, and quick deaths of new and highly loved Autobots.


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