Thor: The Dark World Twisting Dimensions

It’s been a while since I did a movie review. Earlier this month Thor the Dark World was released on November 8th. Thor is my favourite Marvel hero, and I finally saw the new movie last weekend, now I’ll share my thoughts with you.

The story was definitely a lot more in depth this time when you relate to the previous movie. Last time the main villains were the Frost Giants, and now we turn to the Dark Elves whose leader Malekith desires to destroy the universe with a weapon that looks like a blood-like substance called the Aether. Thor on the other hand is back on Asgard after the events in New York (I have seen The Avengers by the way) and he is helping protecting the nine realms but also missing Dr. Jane Foster an astrophysicist who he had a relationship when he was in exile. (I’ll talk about her in a moment) Since the Aether is a weapon that looks more like a substance than a sword I was kind of expecting Malekith to use it during the Convergence to destroy the universe. 
Loki, as usual always pulls off his humorous side (and attractive to some female fans..but not me cause….well he’s not really my type for an Asguardian) but he still always made me laugh. I give this movie three stars. I’d give it five but only if certain things were changed. Throughout the majority of the movie it is basically about keeping Jane safe, cue the damsel in distress stereotype which I heavily despise. How did this happen? She was too busy trying to track objects defying the law of physics that just vanish from being dropped from a ledge and she gets infected by the Aether in another dimension.  
The idea of using the Covergence and the Aether as a plan to destroy anything is quite creative, especially during the final battle when Thor and Malekith keep getting transported to different dimensions while flying through the air. Thor even gets separated from his hammer! It’s like the dimensions are twisted, which ties in to what I’m calling this review. It’s a very dimension twisting film, as we travel to several different worlds.
I won’t lie, Natalie Portman is a good actress, but I liked her as Padme Amidala better, because Padme was a fighter as well, and even though she did not fight in the third movie and died she still counts as a fighter to me. I just think that Natalie as Jane is not good enough. The only thing Jane does to contribute to the conflict is her research and monitoring everything when she is not in need of rescuing. I also have issues on her relationship with Thor. Why? Because I have a thing for Thor, and for some reason I am willing to accept the relationships my favourite rock stars have with their wives but not the relationships attractive movie characters have. I think that’s because it isn’t real and it can be anything you want. Honestly, I wish that if Thor really wants a relationship he should date someone he can not only protect but also see more often, and maybe she can even save herself completely (not just mouth off to the kidnapper or slap them but also escape on her own) if she gets captured. That’s why I kind of wish that Thor should date Sif instead because she’s a fighter, and therefore I won’t get pissed at her for touching him.
Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston on the other hand always satisfy me when they play their characters. No disappointment there. 
Everyone thinks that Loki died but judging by the end of the movie it looks like he didn’t, and the post-credits scene appear to tell us that there may be another sequel or another Avengers movie. One can hope.
Over all it was still a satisfying movie, I enjoy Loki and Thor as much as any Marvel fan does. Looking forward to another sequel one day.

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