Mustaine a Heavy Metal Memoir Book Review: Metal & Relapses *Spoiler Alert*

With more time off on my hands I still enjoy reading, so the next book I decided to read was Dave Mustaine’s memoir. I finished it yesterday, now here are my thoughts…..don’t read this entry if you haven’t read this book yet okay?

A wonderful memoir about the epic story of a metal/guitar God. A must read for any Megadeth fan. The store is told in a very tense perspective coming from Dave himself on his struggles, success, and personal life. The most tense moment would have to be when he was sliding in and out of drug addiction and finally overcame it in the end and how he made Megadeth successful and rebuilt his relationships with his former bandmates in Metallica. It was one hell of a story.

The most tense moments I would have to be when I was reading about how he grew up, trying to find a place where he belonged, getting kicked out of Metallica, drifting in and out of sobriety, how he finally overcame his addiction for good and even meeting Junior! But that’s all I’ll say for now cause I don’t want to give out too many spoilers for those of you who haven’t read this. If you haven’t, read it! It’s worth it!
I have to say that Dave tells it in a creative way that prevents you from putting it down once you start reading. But I’m sure that’s the case for any person reading a book written by one of their favourite metal musicians since it’s told from their perspective. I found myself reading almost four chapters a day. 
I am glad that it ends with the formation of the Big Four of thrash metal and he reconciles with the members of Metallica. However, one of the hard parts to go through reading throughout the entire book would have to be Dave’s drug addiction (and I personally, never understand why people become addicted to those things if they can make you worse or kill you when you’re older, which is why I never want to go through that in life) every time he became sober I was hoping it would stay that way but it never did until finally the drugs gave him an injury that could prevent him from playing guitar. Now that had me on the edge of my seat while I was reading. It made me think that Megadeth would be history. But how could it be now? Megadeth is still around and of course you find out how that happened but I will say no more if you haven’t read this yet.
This was totally worth the read, Megadeth fan or not, or Metallica fan, totally worth it. Great story by one of the greatest metal Gods (and super hot!) 

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