The Results Are In…

Fan votes for the nominees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction of 2014 ended yesterday. I’m looking forward to find out the declaration of the winner. KISS managed to pull ahead of Nirvana just before the deadline.

I’m happy that this has happened. The KISS Army remains strong and I remember advertising the voting on Twitter and got five retweets from Gene. The unfortunate thing which I am knowing will not totally guarantee KISS’s induction is that fan votes count as 1 out of 600 votes. I am thinking that once again morons like Dave Marsh and Jann Wenner who are involved with the Hall and Rolling Stone will try to prevent them from getting in. Idiots. I feel like going up to them and saying “IN YOUR FACE!!” if they get in this time.

I heard news recently that it is highly likely that Ace Frehley and Peter Criss will be there. I think that’s great news, but still fans make a huge fucking deal out of it. How could you say you’re not gonna be a fan anymore if they don’t show up? Regardless of whether Ace and Peter show up at the induction ceremony or not, I will remain a loyal devoted KISS fan until I die. Those who want to turn your back on the band because your favourite member doesn’t show is bullshit. If Gene wasn’t there because he didn’t want to be or he had something else he had to do that day, I sure as hell ain’t gonna turn MY back on the band!
So it’s totally fine with me if the original lineup gets inducted. Just keep in mind KISS Army that I think we need to owe some credit to the other members as well because KISS wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for them either. Not saying they need to get up on the stage with the original members, since the members included is based on the successful records and lineup within the first 25 years so it’s most likely the original lineup. 
Ace Frehley believes that Gene can’t stop him from coming. Who said anything about that? I don’t believe that, I’m certain that Ace is gonna wanna come anyway even though he doesn’t wanna be in KISS anymore. I think what Gene means to say is that he doesn’t want to do another Reunion Tour like the one in 1996. Who knows what’s gonna happen. My fingers are crossed, and honestly I don’t care who shows up at the ceremony. I may just be one of the fans who doesn’t take the members as seriously as most fans do. I don’t choose to bite the bullet. At first I did bite the bullet cause it’s stupid to whine about something that you can’t change, but as I bit the bullet I realized that I liked it and it wasn’t as bad as some long-time fans said it was. Get it?
Anyway, KISS deserves this. They don’t need it but they do deserve it. If they get in, whether I’m watching it happen on TV or livestream online or not at all. I’ll be cheering for them by playing another KISS marathon of there music from all eras just like I did on the day of the concert. I don’t care who’s there or who isn’t because I think everyone deserves to be a part of it no matter what the Hall says about which lineup counts the most.

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